Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Truth of the Spirit behind Reveal - part 1

When I meet with my publisher, they ask about the leaders of religious sects. What kinds of spirits possess them? As the editor starts explaining to me about the sect, I start to sense the sprit that is manipulating the leader from behind. (I would only speak about it when we are talking in a closed private room.) The editor gave me a list of names of leaders of religious sects and asked me which of them has the most unusual spirit behind.

From the given list, Mr.A was most unusual. I said, “Mr.A has a very unique spirit behind him. I have never seen this before. I wonder why such spirit has possessed him? I don’t personally know this man but it’s very interesting. ” Publisher: “w...what is that spirit?” Me: “It's an Ise lobster” with a very serious face. “It appears in a figure of a gigantic lobster. There is also a reddish dragon snake.” The editor is stunned. “What? An Ise lobster?” His elbow fell off the table. “Ise-Hakusan-do san, are you sure of that?” and laughed really loud. I continued, “this leader should have all of his religious facilities on the Pacific Ocean side. Especially, he favors the Ise area and Izu. I don’t think he likes the Japan Sea side. He is unconsciously building his facilities on the shorelines where Ise lobsters inhabit. He believes that he received a divine revelation to set up an organization in this area but he is only been manipulated by the gigantic lobster spirit.” Publisher: “I see. Come to think of it, what you said is true. All of their facilities are in the Pacific Ocean side. ” Me: “With my psychic vision, this giant lobster is over 20~30 meters long living in the World of Ghosts. In the early period, when this lobster spirit started to possess Mr. A, it was still vital and active. I could see it jumping around the deep ocean. The lobster supported Mr. A to become very successful in this dimension. Now, this giant lobster is not well and staying still at the bottom of the deepest ocean. It could be dying. Naturally, Mr. A, the leader’s power will fade away at the same time.

What happens in the World of Ghosts will be transmitted to this World of Reality. At the end, those spirits from the World of Ghosts will be completely demolished. Another thing is that the shrimp family carries many eggs inside their body. This signifies that the human who are under the influence of this spirit will make a lot of money. Mr. A is hiding an enormous amount of money. In addition, lobsters have very long feeler beards. This means that Mr. A would also have “a skillful sensor” to grow business. Publisher: “I see that the spirit behind has a great influence on the character of the person and what he or she does. It sounds like the monster Ebilla from the movie Godzilla. (laugh) So there must be a Gamella too, no? ” Me: Yes, something like that. I’m not sure whether he was already the right character for the spirit or he changed after the possession. I think there are many different patterns. Publisher: Wow. This is very interesting. The editor sits up straight in a formal manner and asked, “So do you think you can get rid of such giant lobster spirit with Oharai (a Shinto purification ritual)? And if this lobster spirit is separated from Mr. A, what will happen to him? ”


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Journey to Élan Vital

As the economy crisis escalates, there seems to be more pain for the female employees. Companies’ restructuring is a severe problem for the weaker positions. Female employees are probably targeted more than the male employees.  In my personal opinion, I think female workers are more hard working. There may be one male who would do exceptionally well. But if you compare 10 males to 10 female workers, I think the female workers will score higher results. If I own a company, I would definitely hire more women and men only who are already receiving annuity, sincere and humble. In that way, many problems will be solved in expenditures, sexual harassment, retirement benefits, etc., and it would be an ideal long lasting company. Though, it may depend on the type of occupation, I am sure it will be a contribution to the society. From now on, for large corporations, every year is going to become a challenge. Don’t assume you can stay in one company for ten, twenty years.

If you are a housewife, it could be even tougher. You have your precious children. If the money gets tight and your husband is uncooperative, there is more pressure on the wife to figure things out all by herself. This will become a serious Gurdjieff work.

If you could get through this tough time, you will have a kannon (kuan yin) face later in your life. The safety and life for your children should come first. Your husband should be on the last of your list. If your husband is violent at home, you should start thinking of a place to move, start saving money and think about a way to live on your own.

Although I must say in the 50’s or 60’s, home life was much different. It was tougher than what it is today. For example, I’ve mentioned about the well known actor Takeshi Beat’s life before. His mother used to physically fight with her husband when he didn’t have enough money to bring home. But she really did a good job raising the children. All the children feel proud to be raised well even they were very poor. They said that they really didn’t need a father because their mother did all the work. But the couple stayed together until the end. I would think that they shared their tears that nobody else could understand.

Even when your family is having a very difficult time, if your heart is stable there is nothing to worry about. You might trip over few times but time will pass and those days will turn into a good memory.

If you want to have a stable heart, you have to make sure you don’t have any spiritual magnets of others. Don't forget to send your gratitude to your ancestral spirits for protection and keep your focus to be real in the hardship. Don't try to run away from it.

As long as you keep your own magnetic field without other spirit’s interference, you will eventually see the light. Life comes with hardships. It is impossible to run away from it. It’s important to keep smiling and blow away the problem in your mind.

If you can laugh out your problems, you will end up with a successful spiritual journey.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting me live