Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Infertility 2

Hints to fertility are:

1. Act on #1 and #2 on the previous article.
2. Stop using shampoo, soap, hair dye and cosmetics with chemicals. Use the ones with natural ingredients.

3. Stop consuming food with antiseptic substance (preservatives). Instead take more fermented food. I believe the ultimate food is the fermented food. Like natto (fermented soybean) or pickles, I sense that during the process of fermentation the agrochemicals and other bad substance are disintegrated.

4. This suggestion is all up to you whether you want to try it or not, but you can try using a plain yogurt (healthy bacteria). I sense that having enough healthy bacteria inside your vagina has a lot to do with getting pregnant. You can try putting a small amount of plain yogurt around the inside area of your vagina. Do it before you go to bed. There are number of specialists who suggest this method.

Yogurt is also good for atopic skin decease. Try a yogurt pack on your body before you go to sleep. But if you find it uncomfortable please wash it off right away.

Infertility treatment is very expensive. Some people cannot afford it. But I believe that god has left us ways to improve one’s condition without spending any money.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Woman having problems with pregnancy is increasing. This is a big problem for the future of humanity.

In the past, I have mentioned about the causes:

1. Your ancestral spirit line is blocked. By doing the three incense kuyō your line will clear out, and have a place for a new spirit to decend.

2. The location where the couple lives might be the problem. The uji-kami, the local god may not be the right god for the unification of the souls. Some people become pregnant after they have moved to a different place. In the third world countries where people take care of the spirits of their land, they are often very fertile.

This time, I want to explain about some physical matters. It’s about the bacteria. I sense that pregnancy has to do with having a good balance of good bacteria inside the vagina.

When I see a woman on TV, sometimes I can smell a scent of cheese from her face. That woman usually looks very healthy and cheerful. I believe that such woman who has that kind of scent has a very healthy body and she is fertile. Single or married has nothing to do with it. It comes from a very healthy female body. This might be the scent of what is called “pheromone.”

On the other hand, there are those who look healthy and beautiful but doesn’t smell like cheese. Many of these ladies smoke.

Many people don’t realize, we all have a distinctive odor. The odor comes from the process of bacteria fermentation that live inside and outside our body. The living bacteria are probiotic or the opposite. When we get sick, it means that our probiotic bacteria is out of balance.

Smoking cigarettes will cause to decrease the probiotic bacteria on the lower stomach area which makes a woman sterilize. When there are less good bacteria, the internal vaginal area becomes dry and the dryness causes a bad smell that is cause by increase of bad bacteria.

From a medical point of view, the sickness causes the unbalance of bacteria. But from a spiritual point of view, it’s the other way around. I personally feel that the figure, health, life spam, and luck are all based on the information from the DNA and the bacteria plays sort of like an “execution team”. The bacteria hold the destiny of the humans.

You might say, it’s just a bacteria. How can it be so influential to cause a sickness to change the physical condition of a man? For example, an endemic disease brings a terrible deformation to a body caused by parasites. Some people become infected by the disease, when some people do not. The science tells that it has to do with the resistibility and luck. But I would say that the condition of the permanent bacteria of the person has an effect on the parasites.

When science faces a wall that they cannot overcome, they would say it’s just a coincidence. The coincidence is not a coincidence and can be explained.

The balance of the permanent bacteria is not only affected by substance but can be changed drastically by one’s own emotions and thoughts. This is the key to solve the mystery of “coincidence.” When you worry too much, distressed, angry or sad… these emotions will turn the good ones into bad bacteria. On the other hand, when you are enjoying life and happy, this condition will create good bacteria to grow. It’s not a coincidence. This is how things happen.

Women who have been infertile for a long time may say, “I’m sick of being told to be positive.” But knowing the fact that your thoughts and emotions can influence to grow good bacteria might be new information to you. I see these bacteria radiating a light. I sense that these bacteria are the source of an aura. There is a phrase that would make your bacteria (your aura) to shine.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting me(us) live
(to be continued)