Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is “Kami (god) ” ?

(written Dec.23rd)

    Today is the 77th birthday of the Emperor. He is THE person who represents Japan of today. I am not an idealist and I am not so knowledgeable in politics. Simply through my spiritual perspective, I respect him deeply.

   From him, I feel precisely the scent of Shinkai (the World of Kami/Gods). It is a scent that I recall from the ancient times. It is a miracle that he exists as a symbol of Japan in spite of all the opposing movements against the existence of the Imperial Family. Amongst the generations of emperors, I sense that the present Emperor is one of the ten highest souls who descended from Shinkai in the past one thousand year.

    From the information I received through a revelation, the current Emperor is practicing the daily Shinto rituals more than any other emperors in the past several hundred years. He is the most simple-minded and honest-to-goodness emperor. I am sure his respected personality will be revealed in the later days from his close staff members.

    Why is the Emperor so serious about the Shinji (Shinto rituals)? It is because he is trying to know what kami (god) is?  He is very serious in trying to understand for the wellness of the country and the nation. It is very important and honest to think, in truth I really dont know what or who kami is? Kami is something not easy to comprehend in a human level. It is not possible to hear a voice of a kami. If the voice you are hearing says he is a kami, most likely it is a spirit with an ego trying to manipulate you.

   If we were to ask the Emperor What is kami?, he would be troubled. The reason is because it is an awful unexplainable existence that cannot be easily voiced. In Shinto, there is a word called kotoagesezu (言あげせず). It means kami cannot be explained, nor should it be imposed on anyone, nor advertised. It should be conceived by oneself, absolutely left to the autonomy of the individual.

    While many religious groups are advertising and making sale efforts, Ise Jingu is silently increasing visitors. Actually, I am sensing that Shinto shrines all over Japan are going through purification and regeneration. It proves that the great nature spirits are still alive here in our chain of islands.

     I understand there are many people who suffered from war and discrimination. All men should have equal rights. But on the other hand, we must understand that there are division of roles assigned to certain people. The Emperor was assigned to represent the nation to send gratitude to kunitama (the soul of a country) that has lead this country to go on for more than two thousand years. I am certain that if we loose the Emperor, spiritually, our country will have to face consequences. It may be an unscientific opinion. But such an adventure should not take place.  We have been experiencing historically, when the power of the Emperor is weakened, there have always been disputes below the surface. I sincerely believe that the two most recent emperors have put a great deal of effort in foreign affairs below the surface to maintain stability for our nation. The Emperor is only thinking about the people and what it best for the nation.  

    The year when the current Emperor was enthroned, a new type of rice had been discovered at the Ise Jingu Shinden (sacred rice field). And this was not the first time such miracles had happened connected to the enthronement. The Emperor is the tenson (天孫), the grandchild from the heavens. The birth of the new type of rice is one symbolic proof.

I sincerely wish longevity for our Emperor.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around us so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Turmeric helps Alzheimer's disease

    In 2004, the department of neurology of Kanazawa University published a thesis about the curcumin contained in turmeric being effectual to help cure Alzheimer type of senile dementia.

    Alzheimer is said to occur due to the amyloidosis beta (Aβ). When this fibrillar amyloid plaques develop inside the brain, it becomes toxic and starts to kill the cells of the cerebral nerves. Until recently, scientists were not able to find a way to stop this expansion of toxin. However, Kanazawa University team had succeeded in the experiment of taking the curcumin out of turmeric and adding it into the solution that contains amyloidosis beta which made the plaques development stop.  In addition, when turmeric was administered to a brain cell that was showing an Alzheimer condition, not only did it stop the progression but also the fibrillar amyloid plaques had dissolved.

Now the team is suggesting curry for meals at nursing or retirement homes.

    It is true that in India, the percentage of people with dementia is extremely low compared to other countries. Moreover, the I.Q. test shows that Indians have a very high intellectual standard. I know the president of a software company. He tells me that the Indian engineers working for him in Japan has very high abilities. When you explain one issue, they seem to understand ten. Not only in math but they are very fast in learning the language.

    In Japan, the lower grades of elementary school only teaches multiplication of one digit up to 9x9. But in India, they seem to teach up to two digits, 19x19. Maybe we should recommend our children to eat more curry! Then their memory capacity may expand.

    But as they say too much of one thing is not good, there are different opinions about turmeric. Many say its good for the liver and some say its not good. So I went to do my own little research and found out that the autumn turmeric (common turmeric) has several times more curcmin than the spring turmeric (wild turmeric). Most of the data indicating that turmeric is not good for the liver was talking about the autumn turmeric that is very high in curcmin. The spring turmeric is low in curcmin but instead contain high levels of antioxidants.

     The science of anti-aging is really about the science of antioxidants.  Thus the spring turmeric is a high-potent item for your health in general. A website, Spring Turmeric Research Center ( in Japanese only) tells about a research on a new perspective on cancer, the cause being a type of virus.  Showing their clinical data, they claim that the cancer is virus-based, and taking spring turmeric will increase ones immune power and cure the disease.
Naturally a question arouses. If cancer is a type of virus would it be contagious? If the cancer virus is anaerobic (not needing oxygen), it does not infect through air. It may be contagious genetically or through the living environment.

    Now the issue is how much of the spring/wild turmeric should be consume? In my opinion, if you are under 20 years old, just eat curry once in a while. There is no need to take turmeric supplement. Healthy adult should take 2~3 tablets, three times a day. According to the Spring Turmeric Research, cancer patients should take 5 ~8 tablets, three times a day (3~6grams daily). One of the data in Germany says that the safe amount of consumption of turmeric is 1.5~3grams. So depending on your weight and condition of health, you should decide how much to take.

    Most of all, before taking any supplements, the important thing is to accumulate the energy of gratitude.  The magnetic-energy of gratitude is the most powerful source to change your life for the better. The daily act of gratitude sending to your ancestors will bring good fortune in many ways. So work on your power of gratitude. We all have the power to bring good to this world. Lets make it happen!

    Recently, some tensions are occurring in the international affairs. But I would say, with many of us working on the gratitude energy, the wind will blow in the right direction. The Emperor is working on the Shiho-hai (四方拝), sending gratitude for peace to the four directions daily. Let us do the same. Next March, another turning point may wave on us. Lets dive through it!

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around us so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.