Thursday, February 24, 2011

Parenthood for the deceased child

     No matter what era we live in, it is always hard to see your own child depart at a young age. “I wish I could have given him more experience”. “I wish we shared more time together”. The parents have so many regrets. But then, we also worry about children anyways, about problems with school, health, friends, etc… Sometimes the parent is more anxious than the child.

      A death in close family or friend is meant to give one a strong learning. As a human being, we always need the tie with other people. If you lived a life only for yourself, eventually you’ll get stuck. We work hard for our family or for our employees, those we care about. We are creatures who have something called the “good will” and it’s in our nature to want to help the people around us. 

     So what can we do when we have lost our own child?  As long as we live, we should keep sending the kuyō to the child. The soul of the child is eternal. He can still grow in the other life after death. When we keep sending kuyō blessings, he will continue to grow. So I feel the parents have the responsibility to continue the sending of blessings to their child as long as they live.  Here, the important part is not only to send blessings to the child but also to send gratitude to the ancestors who are taking care of the child in the other world.

      Until the 90s, there was a world between this World of Reality and the World of Ghosts (spirits). I call it the “Middle World of the Ghosts中幽界)”. It is now fading away. But in this middle dimension, it actually had all the great facilities such as a hospital, health resort&spa and a nursery. It was very real and it was a place where the souls could rest after they departed from the physical body.   

      I don’t do it anymore, but until the 90s, when someone I knew had to experience a child’s death, I accessed to this dimension and made sure the child is in good care. If the child was still a baby, I will call out to one of the doctors at the nursery and two of the ancestors of the child. The doctors were mostly women at the nursery. They called themselves by their first name. There were many of them, but I still remember Doctor Sayuri. Her face still remains clear in my head. I tell the ancestors to carry the baby to the doctor. This will create a concrete spiritual connection between the baby, his ancestors and the nursery. It’s the same as it is in this world of reality. When the parent takes the child directly to the caretaker of the nursery, the trust is built. The doctor at the nursery would take the baby from the ancestral spirits and say, “there you areI was waiting for you my dear child”.  Even I don’t say anything to the parents, just by taking this process, they seem to change their attitudes toward the deceased child from the next day.   

      At this time, in the year 2000s, I don’t access to the World of Ghosts anymore. It is not allowed and dangerous at this point. Today, a kuyō (daily gratitude sending) done by direct descendents is most effective. All the deceased within the family will be saved. The distance between the World (dimension) of Gods, the World of Spirits and this World of Reality is getting closer and closer. In the super ancient times, only two worlds existed. The World of the Gods and the World of Reality. The World of Ghost and Spirits developed later. 

     We no longer need a channeller who helps us communicate with the deceased. It has now become a dangerous path to try and access the World of Ghosts and Spirits (read articles dated 25/07/2008 and 26/07/2008). The channellers should know this, and if they don’t it means they are not seeing the whole picture.

     The new way of kuyō I am recommending is the gratitude sending. The spiritual power of ‘gratitude’ is the most powerful energy that will save all your ancestors and the acquainted deceased. And when you save your ancestors, the law of reflection will be activated. The power will be poring back to you and help you in many ways.

     There is always the invisible force behind the scene, the unsung heroes.  Your ancestors are the heroes. So at least, we should be sending gratitude because we are led to live through their forces. It is a very simple and easy act that could me done everyday in a minute or two.  As long as you continue to act on the kuyō, there is nothing to worry about. If you are a selfish person, you will not be able to continue the act because you can only act for yourself.
     The thoughts and acts of caring can be given without ever running out. And it will always come back to you. This is an absolute logic.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around us so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.