Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunspots' influence

     On February 15th, the number of sunspots appearing on the sun went up to a hundred (now this past few days, it’s in the 130s.  When the sunspots break out over a hundred, I sense an air pressure in my eardrums, the same sensation felt at take offs and landings on an airplane.

     Two years ago, I wrote an article about the electro-magnetic waves from the sun influencing Earth in air pressure. (March5, 2009:  The influence in the air pressure may cause us dizziness, tottering and ringing in the ears. Especially those who may be dormant with Ménière’s syndrome would suffer from these symptoms.

     I will introduce here a way to treat these symptoms. The hearing function and the sense of balance in the body has to do with the circulation of the lymph fluid inside the ears.  When the air pressure changes, the lymph fluid inside the ears is congested that causes many symptoms.

Treatment :
1. Improve physical constitution (readjust the autonomic nerve system, improve immune system).

2. Improve diet (take sufficient amount of distilled water and right food such as algae ).

3. Find a way to release stress (light aerobic exercise, enjoy hobby, take enough sleep).

4. Stabilize blood pressure (drink soy milk and take enough amount of vegetables).
     I’ve introduced ways of exercise and the right food in my past articles, but the spring turmeric, I feel, is especially good. Taking 2grams daily would be a sufficient amount according to the side effect safety standard in Germany’s rigid research.  

     Around the day the sunspot went over 100, many reports were made about water pipe leaks in apartment buildings.  I believe this has to do with the change in air pressure influenced by the EM waves from the sun causing excessive amount of pressure directed to one part in the waterline. 

     The influences from the sunspots are now appearing in real life. But the invisible influences (the spiritual power) are even greater. We are seeing oppressed nations fighting for justice and causing riots around the world.  
     It is the time of true justice. Only those living in honesty with good will be able to endure the powerful spiritual radiation from the sun.

Thank you for letting us live

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu