Saturday, February 7, 2009

Best to stay Who YOU Are

After Setsubun* (Feb. 3rd), I am sensing that the most important thing from now on is to maintain your spirit body in a good condition.

To keep your own color, your way to live, becomes very important. Even if the life or color of others looks better, you should be aware that, for you, the same color of lifestyle might be poisonous.

We now have entered a phase where our fate will be determined. Especially, receiving other’s spiritual energy (healing works) could be fatal. In this dimension, our spirit body is like a DVD disk. It records and holds all your spiritual energy. By paying someone to work on you, not only are you changing your own color but destroying your own disk.

Until now, people who were manipulated by a spiritual leader (leader of a religious sect), their disk was scratched enough to be brainwashed. From now on, it will be more of a serious matter. Your disk will be completely destroyed. Your life will turn upside down.

Receiving spiritual work from healers who are worshipped as “Sensei”(master), you are actually destroying your own disk. Those who became a famous healer, making a lot of money out of their healing work, are mostly sent from an evil spirit to destroy human’s own spiritual disk.

When the evil spirit behind the healer is a fox spirit, the healer will start to have a split mouth like a laughing fox. It will start to be visible even in ordinary people’s eyes. If the evil spirit behind takes the form of a snake, you can feel the coldness around that healer.

I have received a notice from a god that when this starts to happen, it is the final warning to these evil healers.

It is completely a different story, when you are asking for an “o-harai”, purification, at an official Shinto shrine. You are actually not receiving the purification directly but you are offering it to the god who resides at that shrine. What you offer to the god reflects on you like a mirror. In truth, a purification ritual at a shrine works like that. You offer a purification to the god, and then, the energy reflects on you and you are purified at the same time.

From now on, you must really trust yourself until the last minute. If you are in a miserable condition, simply accept that condition. That is all you need to do. The acceptance will set you free. Don't go to some healer crying for help. It will be fatal. You will be selling your soul and destroying your disk.

The purpose of life is not about having a successful life in this lifetime. The reason why you were born is to maintain your soul for eternity. You will become a true successor when you have trusted yourself until the last minute. If you were born weak or sick, no matter how your appearance is, it’s ok. Just accept your condition and live through in your own color. If you had not depend on others begging for mercy and lived through with dignity, trusting your own innate god, you are a successor. At the end, like the Amida-Nyorai (Buddha of the beyond and afterlife), your innate god will hold you tight and take you to heaven.

From now on, your spiritual rituals should be kept only to offer gratitude to your ancestral spirits and to the gods. And live your life fully. Hardships may come around, but stay strong and keep your spirit going. Know that you are led to live. Be grateful to it and enjoy the big waves that might be passing through.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

*Setsubun: In Japan, Setsubun (節分) is the day before the beginning of each season. The name literally means "seasonal division", but usually the term refers to the spring Setsubun, properly called Risshun (立春) celebrated yearly on February 3 as part of the Spring Festival (春祭 haru matsuri?). In its association with the Lunar New Year, Spring Setsubun can be thought of (and was previously thought of) as a sort of New Year's Eve, and so was accompanied by a special ritual to cleanse away all the evil of the former year and drive away disease-bringing evil spirits for the year to come. This special ritual is called mamemaki (豆撒き, lit. bean scattering- Evil out, Happiness in.) – From Wikipedia

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Age 42 is a time for Self-Realization

If you were a hard worker with a good heart, experienced all the happiness and sorrows of life and being truthful to yourself, it will show on your face as you age. Someone who has devoted his/her life in mastering an art or a kind of craftsmanship, a shokunin(職人), has a really good face, even if he/she is not a believer in god.

On the other hand, when one believes in god, tries to convince people to join the organization and gather money, his or her face turns into an ugly one. It is better off not to be religious than having this kind of false religion. Even you don’t believe in god, if you lived a good, faithful and hard working life, at the end, you will start to naturally understand that you were “led to live” and that there might be an existence of something in a grandeur scale beyond our normal understanding. Although, it is a pity to realize this in your last moment.

The more you devote yourself to your work and help others or encourag others to live on, you will come to a realization much earlier in your life.

When you have lived your life fully and truthfully, at the age of 42, you will naturally start to have a sense of gratitude towards your ancestors and gods. In Japan, 42 is an age of Yakudoshi (climacteric or critical age). They say bad or unlucky things could happen at this age.
But this is a wrong interpretation. In truth, age of 42 is when you reach a self-realization to what your position(mission) is. How to serve to humanity on this planet Earth.

To realize your own talent that gods has given you and to use that talent, that is the true meaning of becoming religious.

The right way to become a true religious person is not about joining an organization or going to church. As long as you have the sense of gratitude in your own heart towards the gods, that is a right path. If you are not able to realize this, even you think you have devoted yourself to a religion, you will most likely have to come back to experience another life.

It is commonly understood that in your Yakudoshi you should go to a shrine to receive oharai, purification. But in fact, it is an age where you should be reaching self-realization, one level of awakening. It is also one ending of a cycle of your physical body. The life-style you have had until that point will reflect on that year. It is a good year to go and have a total physical examination.

Age of 42 is said to be a Yakudoshi(厄年) for men and for women it is at age 33, but spiritually age 42 applies for both men and woman. To begin with, human has a cycle of twelve years. One cycle is twelve years, and going for ten cycles (age 120) is said to be the limit in our physical condition. Between the third cycle (age 36) and the forth cycle (age 48) seems to be the most critical time. And the middle of this is age 42. This is a turning point for your heart space.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live