Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stars are watching us

    One of our readers kindly shared this figure of the earthquake points occurred on July 13th 14:14. Coincidently, two patterns just like the seven stars of the Big Dipper(or the Great Bear) appeared on this map. The geo-magnetic energy (earth dragon) that runs deep inside the earth is creating a shape of the Big Dipper … how romantic does that sound?

     Every time I visit Ise Jingū, I sense that the outer shrine has been worshipping the North Star and the Big Dipper since the ancient times. It was intentionally built to celebrate those stars. I could clearly see the North Star and the Big Dipper in my brain when I go to pray at that shrine. In my vision, the North Star has a different color from the other seven stars. The Big Dipper is shinning in bright white.  But the North Star is seen in a deep emerald green or sea green color (like this
The companion star of the Big Dipper, Alcor is also seen in a light emerald green.

    Alcor is always in this color and I sense it’s linked to the world life after death. Due to the precession of the equinoxes (as well as the stars' proper motions), the role of North Star passes from one star to another. And I sense that the constellation that comes to the center turn from white to this deep emerald green color. I sense that this color is the color that gives birth to life. This color cannot be seen through the telescopes. It’s a color that is only seen in my brain. Many of the ancient treasures were in this color. And I think there is a deep meaning to it.

     The ancient people understood that the North Star was the center of the universe. Those who were able to use their psychic vision saw this color in the star and considered to be the noblest color. And that is why they used this color for certain items. The idea of honoring the North Star and this deep blue-green color originated in ancient China Taoism. I sense that Ise Jingū had been much influenced by this idea during Emperor Tennmu’s time(673AD~). I strongly feel that the soul of the Chinese saint Laozi who founded Taoism descended from the North Star. The prominent Japanese monk Kūkai had also studied greatly in China.

    Many great figures had exchanged culture with the neighbor countries such as China from the ancient times. Nothing good will come out from a dispute. The trouble seems to start with one statement from one person and the mass media makes a big fuss about it. This is very dangerous. When one statement from one person is reported in the news, it sounds like the whole nation is thinking the same. Then the other country cannot ignore the situation considering its own nation’s reaction. I would advice the media to be very careful about this since it could well lead to a big tragedy. It is important to have the sense of propriety and observe matters with a calm manner. I truly desire that a peaceful relationship will be continued.

    It is time for the humans to focus more on harmony and oneness with nature rather than economical issues. The future is on us. We all need to focus on keeping the great nature, not to pollute it anymore and to feel the sense of gratitude towards it.

Sending prayers to Kyushū district.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live