Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Immunity and Ancestral worship 2

The gratitude sent by the descendent will always reach to his/her ancestral spirits. They have the fate to have a link, a connection that is meant to happen. Even if the gratitude were sent unwillingly, it would still work. This is because, whether you like it or not, your connection with your ancestors is inevitable and you're a borrowing a physical body for them in this lifetime.

I could see that the most important part of the body is the neck from the bottom up to the back of the head (the occipital region). With my psychic vision, I could see a pipeline of light coming from the heavens into this part of the body. If I see this pipeline of a person, I could read about his/her health, span of life, abilities, etc…

When you are remarried or adopted, the ancestral pipeline would change accordingly. Your gratitude and other thoughts will all reach to your ancestral spirits through this pipeline. This is the reason why the direct descendent needs to send the gratitude prayers to their ancestral spirits. No other person could do it. So called healers, sensei or monks and priests cannot do it for you in exchange for money. They will not be able to reach to your ancestral spirits because they simply are NOT connected through the pipeline.

Religious groups that are doing business, as “service for one set of ancestors for such amount” is completely a fraud.

I am not saying that you should stop doing the traditional way of asking the Buddhist monks to come for the funeral ceremony. This is a long tradition in Japan, and there is a reason why the Buddhist came to be a part of our culture. So if you find it necessary, continue the tradition. But don’t think that the monks are doing everything for you. You must continue to send prayers with gratitude on a daily basis towards your ancestors on your own. Your awareness that it is your responsibility to do so, is already a big help and relief for the ancestral spirits. Chanting an okkyo (お経) sutra is only going to confuse the energy. It is better to use the language that your ancestral spirits could understand. Simply send gratitude from your heart.

Around the world, people might have other opinions like, “Ancestors has nothing to do with our lives”, “We should just focus on the now. Then our ancestors will be happy” or “Only sending gratitude to ancestral spirits is not enough. It will create a disturbance.”

But what I see of the future of people without any respect towards his/her own ancestral spirits is a decline of immune strength.

From now on, people could die from a flu or even from their own bodily waste. People will start dying from reasons never expected before.

We must acknowledge that we are still connected to our ancestral spirits from the past. We are only “borrowing” this body. We were born to continue the journey of the long lineage together with our ancestors.

Religions were made by the evil spirits from the ancient time to slave the souls of humankind. Those religions are trying to separate the souls from his/her ancestral spirits to loose their own power. The evil spirits are trying to slow down the process of human growth toward awakening. A convenient way for slavery.

Many of the large religious groups emphasize on denying ancestral worship. Even in Japan, recently I see many blogs trying to deny ancestral worship. The evil spirits are trying to manipulate the humans to go against awakening.

The ancestral worship is the right path. Only through our ancestral spirits could our souls reach the soul of this planet Earth.

The Earth is getting weak. Only through the gratitude sending could we straighten our spiritual line that can reach the Spirit of Earth. And we need to help Earth regain its power NOW.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live