Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brain Science

      I watched a TV show about brain science. Two person playing rock-paper-scissors. And they were asked to think carefully before they show their hand. They did it several times and monitored their brain activity during the process. Depending on what hand out of the three they put out, the monitor showed similar brain activity on the same hands out. When consciously decided what hand to put out, the monitor showed the pattern on what they have decided. In fact, the monitor was showing that the brain was already giving out signals on what hand to choose right when they started facing each other. It was even before they were thinking consciously. Once they start to think, the brain patterns that indicate the three types of hands would rapidly show one after another. But what they would actually put out was actually the one that was signaled before the thinking process began. The result has told us that the unconscious mind seems to make a decision the second we know that the game is going to happen. 

     I feel that when one’s conscious mind hesitates and tries to make a decision that is different to the unconscious mind, most likely one looses the game. It happens because the egoistic conscious mind is distracting the signal from the brain, the unconscious mind. So this explains to us that it’s better not to torment ourselves by thinking. The brain already has the answer. If you could pick-up that signal by being in are relaxed pliable state, your brain will lead you to the right direction.

    As I mentioned previously, ( this photo is a shot capturing the beginning of the Universe.  It looks just like a human brain. The brain is the universe. It is where things begin in you own universe.

   The brain test of the rock-paper-scissors game indicates that we already had the answer the second we faced each other. It is fascinating to think that two human beings who carry a universe in his/her brain are facing one another. It is one universe vs. another universe.

    The answer that the brain has for you is not necessary convenient for you at that time. It might choose to loose the game for some reason. You might be able to fool another person, but you cannot fool your own brain. If you keep ignoring the signals from your own brain, it might attack you back one day. Do be careful.

     The good will is a big part of your innate god. So be honest and follow your good will. Then there is nothing to worry about. Your brain=universe will support you. Your universe=brain will help you.

     When things are going good, it feels like a natural flow. It goes so smoothly. We might be anxious from time to time but not in a tormenting state. In Japanese, anxious is 心配。心=heart, =distribute. It means to care, to be aware of the possibilities of alertly factors and problems. It’s important to be aware but not to torment yourself. Then things will go smoothly. If you start to torment yourself, just stop for a moment and observe the situation in a calm manner. It’s good to stop and let the time pass. The brain is always giving you a signal to “stop” when you start to torment.

  A successor does not torment himself. 
  Honesty and calm observation are precious factors that could change your life.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around us so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.