Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yes, we can make it

      If you look at the ancient religions, they all had to do with sun worship. Especially in Japan, there are traces from the time of Jomon Period (around 123000 ~2400 years ago) that proves the nature worship such as giant rocks placed to worship the sun aligned to its orbit.

     The Ise area and Ise Jingu (The Grand Shrine of Ise) where the sun rises, was considered to be the Land of The Sun Goddess Amaterasu. And Kumano area and Kumano Shrine where the sun falls, was considered to be the Land of The Dead (night, the other side of light). God Susanoo was worshiped around this area (God Susanoo is the Yin and Amaterasu is the Yan side of the sun).

     The sun is related and involved in everything and all dimensions. And the sun itself is alive. It is one form of life. The sun is involved in your whole life, from the day you were born until the day you die and even life after death. There is a statistics that the economy also has a relationship with the activity of sunspots.

     After your physical death, if you were able to go to the standard World of Spirits, you will also see the sun over there. In my memory, the sun looks the same but the orange color is more vivid. You can stare at it and won’t be blinding. One of the World of Gods is actually inside the sun. So there is a deep meaning in praying to the sun and sending gratitude like all ancient people had done.

      The past few days, the sunspot and solar flare is very strong. The electro-magnetic waves from the sun will influence our brain and heart.  I’ve been writing about this from the beginning, but it’s not just a radiation but it’s a spiritual energy from the sun as well.  This spiritual energy is so fine that it cannot be detected scientifically.

      I sense that the amino-acid (the fundamental elements of lives) was first created by this spiritual light from the sun radiating on the rocks on Earth. The radiation from the sun has created lives here on Earth.  The spiritual light from the sun is a radiation. I sense that this natural and powerful radiation from the sun that is now becoming extremely strong has the potency to extinct the artificial nuclear radiation that is still going on in Fukushima.

       The sun radiation can do great creations, but on the other it can also stimulate the Earth deep inside that causes big earthquakes. It can also affect the weather, causing to create giant thick clouds, typhoons and heavy rain. In order to reduce the bad affects, the human consciousness is critical. If we all emanate the energy of gratitude, this could calm the natural phenomenon. I strongly believe that the thoughts of humans can really change the condition.

    If we survive this weekend, the next critical point is from September 26th for few days.

1. Effect of gravity from Uranus
2. Effect of gravity from the new Moon
3. Comet Honda coming close to the Sun
4. The number of sunspots
5. The size of solar flare

 These factors will determine the scale of influence on Earth.

      Still, I strongly believe that the energy from the humans is strong enough to make a change. The most powerful energy is gratitude. Trust that we will make it through. Keep that thought in mind as you do your daily work. 

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Preparation and Awareness

The sunspot is over 100 for six consecutive days and large size (X2.1) ) solar flaresbursted this morning around 7am Japan time. March 11th disaster occured around 31 hours after the large (X1.6) solar flare burst after five consecutive days of over 100 sunspots.  Next 2-3 days, we need to be cautious. 

Lets raise the preparation and awareness.  With our mind being aware and being prepared, our energy will be calm and stable and we are able to avoid disasters.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live