Thursday, May 31, 2012

You can reach the truth from anywhere

     Whenever I have a chance to meet an American, I always get the impression that they like to say their own opinion as an individual. I mean they are opinionated in a good way. Even if they have a health problem or had to be in a wheel chair, they try to enjoy life within the rules they need to be in. It’s as if the birds are spreading their own wings wanting the world to see how beautiful they are. This is what the Japanese people lack, I think. I feel that Japanese people are always looking at the average, the standards and comparing themselves with it. Am I less or am I winning?  It’s a mixture of pleasure and anxiety. When he thinks he is more than average, he tends to show off. And when he thinks he is less than average, he gets overly depressed and often blame on his parents or his family about why he is that way. 

     As long as you are comparing yourself with others, you will never feel the true sense of happiness. The only real way to find true happiness is by recognizing your own inner good will and convincing yourself that you are good enough. One famous and successful entrepreneur once said, “I will never believe in god nor Buddha or any kind of religion but I have never had a moment to look away from my own sense of morality. I believe this was the source of my success and peace of mind. ” He also said, “People should believe and follow his innate morality. And that should be the philosophy of life.” I feel that in a way, it's the same as believing in your good will= innate god. This entrepreneur also had many enemies. But he was not afraid of what people might say. He only believed in his own moral about what is right and wrong. This made his successful in the society. He didn’t believe in any religion but his life was about believing in his own innate god. He did not depend on god or Buddha but had true faith in himself. He also said that he is not afraid or worried about his life after death because he always did what he thought was right. 

    This is the right thing to do, even looking from the point that YOU actually become the judge of where to go in the life after death. To follow your good will = innate god is the best thing you can do for yourself in this dimension. Trust your good will. In a real sense, this is the same as having faith to god.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live