Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Defend and maintain your own magnetic field

I saw a TV program about the latest brain science . The scientists came up with a new theory that our feelings might be structured by water. When the brain cells were examined, they discovered that the big part of the brain were structured by the cells that deliver water.

70~80% of human body is made with water. And the brain seems to be structured with water even more. It is an interesting theory to think that the movement of water in the brain = the changes in emotions. Symptoms such as a migraine could be caused by the lack of balance of water/fluid in the brain that leads to contraction in the blood vessel.

A god spirit will reside in water. I think, it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that water=god.

In my opinion, the spiritual energy can be accumulated in the water. And depending on what kind of feelings you carry, that emotional magnetic energy will run through your body through the fluid. It effects the process of the restoration of cells to be renewed.

The problem becomes more serious when we think of how the increasing sun radiation would influence our water in our body. Not only the radiation of the electromagnetic waves but the intensifying spiritual energy will run through our body.

The influence will be in two different ways:

1. If you have unnecessary amount of metal in your body such as aluminum or lead, those metal could have a negative reaction causing general malaise and unstable emotional conditions.

2. If you have other spirits or entities inside your body or holding another person’s spiritual energy, this condition could create negative reaction in your spirit body causing cancer or even death.

Even your physical condition is poor, as long as your body is constructed by 100% your own original spiritual energy, the spiritual magnetic energy from the sun can pass through you without giving your any negative reaction. In fact, it may cure your condition.

The way to restore your spirit body back to the original body is to act on the ancestral worship with gratitude, and being grateful for the small daily matters.

From now one, the sun radiation will increase more and more. In three years, we will experience
the electromagnetic energy from the sun that human kind has never experienced before. It will cause electronic dysfunction or disturbance, heart troubles, and many other things.

People are already starting to be effected. Mental disorders, depression, bipolar illness, anxiety attacks… If you are already experiencing these conditions, I cannot assure you that the ancestral kuyō can cure you. It will vary among individuals. If the kuyō is making your physical condition too uneasy, you might want to stop doing it and simply be grateful for the daily matters and get medical help.

Stay strong. Remember you always have the freedom of choice.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live