Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The time comes soon

On June 6th around "3"pm, a family of three (blog's reader) went to pay a visit to Amano-hitsuku Shrine. 

When they got home, he checked his phone. He hadn't checked his mails until then. The top screen showed a memo. The following was written.


まめみやまめむめめもむまままわむ      (50 letters)

In the past, the god residing at this shrine had manipulated people's right arm and made them write certain things. I have had that experience as well on my computer. However, when this happens, it always gave me a severe pain as if a heated metal chopstick was stabbed straight into my arm. At the same time, I hear this sound like a big bee flying around me or like being near a transformer substation. This sound is heard when a god spirit comes around. It creates a strong electricity around the person he tries to convert with.

This time, the god has manipulated a cell phone. As gods or spirits can create certain electro-magnetic waves, I think it's possible that they could operate a cell phone. 

Since this information was given to me, I will try to translate this. 

The god has told me to convert this into 
numbers by the order of ひふみよ(hi,fu,mi,yo..  one type of ancient Japanese alphabet) .

The truth about the revelations is that converting the message into numbers like the Morse code is the best we could really do. It shows the big gap between this world and the other dimensions. It is impossible to talk with words through different dimension. They would never come close to your ears and start talking a lot. If you hear anything like this, most likely it is the devils' work. The devil's are very talkative. And you must watch out when this happens.

Hi, Fu, Mi..  in numbers will be in such order:

(1番~10番) ひふみよいむなやこと  hi,fu,mi,yo,,na.ya,ko,to
(11番~20番)もちろらねしきるゆゐ  mo,chi,ro,ra,ne,shi,ki,ru,yu,wi

(21番~30番)つわぬそをたはくめか  tsu,wa,nu,so,wo,ta,ha,ku,me,ka
(31番~40番)うおえにさりへてのま  u,o,e,ni,sa,ri,he,te,no,ma
(41番~47番)すあせゑほれけ           su,a,se,we,ho,re,ke

When we put the numbers into the 50 letters that were typed in the memo of his cell phone it would be like this:


And when I develop this and translate this, it would read as below:

4040340               63340404040  29294040113
the people of the world    unprecedented 
world      detestable world 

40404011883め                           611840      40め38を
the good mothers of the world give b
irth  selfless,open the rock door  give birth to this world

40め38      40め6めめ    1164040     40226 
give birth to this world  give birth,birth   good world of Miroku  at the end

When I put it in a better phrase the revelation would be like this. 

(1) The people of this world would experience unprecedented phenomenons and will say that the world is detestable.

(2) Yet, the good mothers will not be bothered by it. Become selfless and follow one's Innate God, one's good will. And give birth to this world.

(3) Give birth to lots and lots of children. Once we pass the biggest crisis, a good World of Miroku will come. I will promise you this.

This is how I felt.

I can tell that this is something the Amatsu God would say.

He is now working very hard to settle and calm down Mt.Fuji.
I presume that the big catastrophe would be converted into a smaller scale.
However, we will for sure see phenomenons (in nature /disasters )from now on.

Once we know this in advance, we will be prepared. And we will be fine.

Even in this difficult times, if we simply follow our own good will (Innate God), and open our hearts (rock door), we will be able to see the coming good new world. 

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます