Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sliding and shifting

(written Oct 31rd)

     The damage caused by Hurricane Sandy was worse than predicted.  The Manhattan power plant explosion, tons of garbage washed down to the subway along with the flood, severe damages of roads, vast area of flood… … more details to be revealed. The total estimate caused by this hurricane is said to be 20 billion US$. The flooded scenes of New York reminded me of the story that Bill told me during my visit to the US last year ( It is just like the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”.  If this happens in the mids of winter, the flood could turn into ice. Yet the US government was aware of this climate change disasters and have been preparing. The majority of NASA has already moved to Dayton, Ohio. And all the Military bases near the shoreline have moved to the inland. In my psychic vision, I could see Chicago being the next center of financial district after New York. In Japan, we are also experiencing larger typhoons, extreme strong rain in one spot at a short period of time, hail size getting larger…. 

    This summer, there has been a report about the north and south poles’ ice rapid melt. In addition, what I am concerned is about the geo-magnetic field becoming weaker. When the geo-magnetic field is weakened, it means that the barrier protecting us from all kinds of radiations from space is weakened. To prove this, aurora has started to appear even in Japan. Rainbow color clouds are seen often and the night sky doesn’t look so dark as it used to be.

     With such phenomenon, I would assume that we are already showered by the cosmic-ray. This means that the airplane pilots are exposed to more radiation than before. And we will be less resistant to infectious diseases. All kind of virus infection may expand. Adding to it, 1) due to the north and south poles’ ice melting, the pole shift is occurring. 2) The pole shift may have to do with the lowering of the geo-magnetic field. The electro-magnetic energy from the sun may be affecting the poles strongly because of this. 3) From the shifting of the pole, geographically the north and south poles will change drastically. There is a theory that the south pole once used to be a warm climate. 4) Another possibility is that the north and south magnetic field may turn around to the complete opposite. Therefore, the study of feng shui no longer applies. It will become the complete opposite.

    The problem is how long would it take for this drastic change to occur? In my opinion, next year 2013 would be the key year. The Ise Jingu (Amatsu-kami/ the heavenly god) and the Izumo Taisha (Kunitsu-kami the earthly god) are both having the sengū* ceremony in 2013. Historically, this is very rare to have the two in the same year. The bipolar gods’ shrine is renewed at the same year. And here I hear the old Japanese folk song …  “At dawn, in the dark night, a crane and a turtle had slipped …” The crane signifies the Amatsu-kami, the heavenly one= Ise Shrine = north pole. And the turtle signifies the Kunitsu-kami, the earthly one = Izumo Shrine = south pole. These two poles would slide in 2013… this is what I am sensing. Therefore, the drastic pole shift would start from 2013. At the same time, from 2013 to 2014 there will be many natural phenomenon and other drastic changes within countries.

    In order to pass through this critical time, many of us human beings must become awaken to the sense of gratitude. The electro-magnetic energy emanated from the sense of gratitude is most powerful.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

*sengū 遷宮 : The transfer of the deity to a newly constructed shrine. The whole shrine structures are renewed every 20 years.