Friday, July 24, 2009

The Divine Message from the Solar Eclipse

From blog dated July 20th

Day after tomorrow, the total solar eclipse will happen. Last time was 46 years ago, Showa 38 in the Japanese calendar. Showa year 38 was a cataclysmic year in the Japanese Gods World. It was the first revolutionary year after few thousand years - the first step to open the "Iwado" door.

The year was also named Heavy Snow Fall 38. A year of record-breaking heavy snow. The revolution in the Gods World is transcribed in the World of Reality as an extreme natural phenomenon. The year had another name "The Glorious 38". Many spirits descent from the World of Gods to become distinguished persons in various fields in our society.

This year, we recently experienced unexpected low temperature that led ten mountain climbers to death. One of the mountain the accident took place is called Mt.Tomuraushi. Tomurau means mourn. Shi means death. A sacred mountain that is named as a “mourning place” caused a natural phenomenon that killed eight tourists. “Eight” signifies “numerous.”

I would like to express my deepest condolence to the victims.

The spiritual message from this incident is that after the solar eclipse, the Great Nature = Gods will go into action.  

In order to avoid numerous deaths from natural disasters, I sense that we need to mourn the deceased. When there are less lost spirits left in this dimension, there will be less future deaths.

When each family acts on ancestral worship with gratitude, many of the lost spirits will be elevated to the higher realm. This is the only way to avoid more disastrous deaths.

This solar eclipse signifies the ending of the domination of the Moon. The Moon reaches its peak on this day. The world will become completely dark. But then the sun appears and light up the world once again. This is showing that “the day” is the turning point.

In the World of Reality, the Moon domination is about the domination of money. We reached its peak and the whole world is now in the darkest time not knowing when this recession is ever going to end.

In the world of religion, the elite priests are dominating its religion. Even in Shinto, the shrines are controlled by power, rights and interests. The evil spirited humans are utilizing God as a tool to make massive amount of money. This is the dark age of religion as well.

Now after the eclipse, the dark age will come to an end. The gods will start to act to stop this nonsense. This was the divine message I received from my kenzoku.

It would be an easy job for the Creators who govern lives of humans to let the good live and take away health from the evil.
The bright sunny days will come.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Monday, July 20, 2009

Autonomy will change the Universe

In a broad perspective, the Universe seems to be made out of two sides. The front and back or the outside and inside.. either way, it seems to be connected at one contacting point. A star that exists on one side also exists exactly at the same opposite point on the other side. There seems to be some kind of a rule of parallelism or symmetry. When I envisioned the image of it, a thought came into my mind. “It looks just like a human brain.” The front Universe is the left brain. The back Universe is the right brain. Maybe the human brain is the miniature copy of the Universe itself.

When I used my psychic vision and keep going deep inside the Universe, I remember feeling as if I was going through my own brain. Universe = Human. We are the Universe. As we pass time and space, I feel that we transcend returning back to a physical body. When we first take a breath after birth, I sense that all the positions of the stars are printed in our brain. The printed information influences the DNA which makes us an unique individual and an original life. What makes as different according to the stars? Astrology could be a hint to that answer. But are our lives all determined and unchangeable? Is the astrology always correct?

It worked for those who were not autonomous. Until the 90s, it worked due to the World of Spirit dominating the World of Reality. But now that the spiritual vibration of Earth is rising, and the affect is reversing. This means that the thoughts of us humans, the leader of the Primates, will give an effect toward the Universe through our genes. Genes are the tunnel that is connected us to the Universe.

From now on, our thoughts will make the change of how the Universe is going to change. The past astrology no longer works. We could now change our lives. You could freely change your life in the way you want. It is the time to make your dream come true.

On the other hand, you mustn’t be sadden or become hopeless. If you are sadden, you are supporting for the Universe to be broken. Are you mad at your husband? Or your boss? That is Not Good. That can create a disaster in the Universe.

Keep your good smile going!

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live