Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Influence from Sun’s Radiation 3

Until now, our physical body played the main role of ourselves. For example, even if you didn’t like “A”, you could pretend to make a nice face and say nice things and hide your true feelings from that person. This could be done because your physical body could hide your heart.

But from now on, as we are more exposed to the spiritual radiation from the sun, the truth in your heart, your spiritual side, will start to play the main role. The physical body will become a subsidiary. This could be scary. The truth in your heart will strongly influence your physical body. You may no longer be able to hide your hidden thoughts.

From now on, the sun’s radiation will get stronger and stronger. We will experience the shift from physical to spiritual during this lifetime. If you have any spiritual garbage on you, the shift might become uneasy. The kuyō with tanzaku and incense will help to make the shift become easy.

The tanzaku will become the nest for the lost souls to roost. When there is nothing to roost on, the lost souls will roost on you. That will cause you physical or mental trouble. So if you cannot prepare to have a tanzaku, don’t use any incense and instead make a hot tea. Put the hot tea on an empty table and say, “dear ancestral spirits, please accept this as my offering . Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu. Thank you for letting me live.” However, you must know that using the tanzaku and incense has more practical power.

As the radiation from the sun increases, the spiritual purification will escalate:
• Less consumption of food will be needed due to the energy received from the sun.
• Time will feel faster. It is due to the difference of time between physical and spiritual.

According to my reading, at this point, for the advanced person, it is maximum 19 hours of experience in one day rather than 24 hours. This varies depending on your spiritual growth.

Be cautious with your eyes:

As the magnetic waves intensify, the UV ray will intensify as well. I am most concerned about children’s eye-sight. They really should wear sunglasses. I am surprised no one has announced this yet. If this is not taken seriously, the elementary children will have serious eye problems by the age of 20. If the school does not allow sunglasses, they should at least wear regular glasses as a shield.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu for today. "Thank you for letting us live."

The Influence from Sun’s Radiation - 2

The Influence from the Spiritual Vibration of the Sun - Part 2

Since the late 1900’s, the immune system of the human body has been going down hill. It will go down even more from now on. There are serious infections going on in the colon bacillus, and many people have died from it. People are no longer able to cope with this fungus that has been around for a long time. Some of the reasons might have to do with using antibiotics and developing resistance. But this is just one small fact. The fundamental reason comes from the sun spot magnetic waves. The strong radiation from the sun is weakening the immune system. Due to this matter, the cause of death by leukemia, infectious disease, influenza and cancer will increase. This spiritual radiation from the sun will influence those with negative thoughts and people who carry a lot of lost souls. The more you carry the lost souls from among your ancestors, the weaker your immune system will become and feel fatigue or become ill. Mental depression is also one of the symptoms. On the other hand, with the sense of gratitude, your ancestors will be at peace and you will feel healthy and become younger.

Whether you have lost souls around you or not, can be found out by doing the kuyō (ancestral worship) with incense. If you start to feel dull, that is fortunate. You will know that you need to work on them. If you didn’t do anything about it, the sun’s radiation would cause you even more serious problem. Once you become sick, it would be too late. It is better to start now, before you have any problems. You will be able to save yourself. This method done in a group of any kind might have an association with the World of Ghosts, and could become have reverse effect. It is best to do it on your own, and have the experience by yourself.

Please decide by yourself whether to pursue the Kuyō with Tanzaku and Incense. I am not telling you that you should do it. The decision has to come from your own wanting.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

The Influence from Sun’s Radiation - 1

The Influence from the Spiritual Vibration from the Sun - Part 1

When I say all the dimensions will merge, it means that all the Worlds of Gods, Spirits, Ghosts and Hell will diminish one by one and eventually vanish, and it will become just one world, the World of Reality. The diminishment of the World of Ghosts is already happening, and the other Worlds are recognizing the shift and starting to move into this dimension of Reality. That is because, it is the only way for them to survive. In order for them to survive in this dimension, they need a living human being to be embodied in. Each spirit from other Worlds will become embodie into the person with the quality similar to them. Rejection or an attempt to expel the spirit will be an impossibility. It seems that this was decided, from the ancient times, as a universal law. Your actions will determine your destiny. Your thoughts and actions will attract the same spirits. This time, it will be an extraordinary possession. There will be no way to hide your inner truth.

“Pretending” will no longer be useful. If you wish to know with whom you will become one, you may observe your own thoughts, habits and actions. One person may become one with the World of Gods. Another person may become one with the World of Hell.

Recently, there was a news story about a high school boy stabbing his own mother. He had a tragic experience. His own home was afflicted by a disaster and collapsed, and he was in terrible shock. Since then, he kept thinking “why am I so unfortunate?” and kept holding a grudge against the world. The result of having those thoughts made a spirit from hell with the same thought incarnated in him. Unlike the past, the possession that is occurring now is very strong. You will have no control over it. Even while he was stabbing his own mother, his self-consciousness could only watch over the incident, and he had absolutely no control of his own behavior.

At the same time, it may well turn over the other way. Even if you have created a sinful act in the past, if you deeply regret it and have reflected on what you have done, and become aware of the gratefulness of being “led to live”, the World of Gods might decide to incarnate in you. In this era, you have a chance to become one with god. In the past, this could never have happened.

When 5% of the population in the world is truly ready to become the body of the World of Gods, the Gear Wheel of Improvement will start to revolve. No matter how hard your life is, if you can be aware that you are “led to live” and be grateful in all matters taken for granted, there will be a change. “To be one with god.” This is Kanagara. The shortest way to manifest this condition is the kotodama, “Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu.”

"Thank you for letting us live."

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Spiritual Vibration from the Sun

The spiritual vibration from the sun is getting stronger. On the surface it is called electro-magnetic waves but it is actually something spiritual that will change the whole basic components of the earth. This will create:

• Big changes in the natural environment, geological features, weather, temperature etc.

The result of the melting ice on both Poles will rapidly create a rise in sea level, and the lowered temperature ocean water created by the melting ice will cause gigantic hail. High temperatures in the summer will set records for many days. Throughout the year, there will be no more seasons just a sudden rises and a sudden drops of temperatures. The rise of heat inside the earth will create a lot of volcanic activities.

• Multi-dimensions will fuse into this World of Reality

Until the end of the Showa period (around1990), the world was divided roughly into five worlds: The World of the Gods, Spirits, Ghosts, Reality and Hell. The Ghosts were the tricky world until now. In the Heian(794~1185) and Edo(1603~1867) period, there were more ghosts than humans in the World of Reality, and the ghosts had more influencial power than ever. In those days, demons, curses, maledictions etc., where active and many unreasonable things happened. It was the Dark Age, but at the same time, the interesting phenomenon is that the culture bloomed greatly and developed during these periods. After 1990, ghosts diminished greatly to less than half. Eventually ghosts will totally vanish.

This is due to the spiritual vibration from the sun. The Dark Age will become The Bright Age. It is the grand opening of the World of the Sun Gods.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

The Days of Miroku (Buddha of the Future)

Q.. Are we getting close to The Days of Miroku?

A.. When The Days of Miroku comes close, the temperature will rise. There are many discussions on what this is. Please understand this is my understanding through my dream world.
When the sunspots become very active the magnetic field of the universe will start to influence the human body as the temperature rises. Changes will occur in human bodies. Each one of us will start to realize the divinity of one-self.

Q.. Why is The Days of Miroku arriving?

A.. We human beings have repeated the reincarnation cycle many times, and the result of it all is Us who live at this present time. Each of us carries the aggregated factors of all the humans and animals that has lived in the past. You are representing all of them. The fruit of it all is us in this circumstance. There is no point or further development in repeating the reincarnation, so making a new start in a new environment has become necessary. For further development and progression, the “Stage” earth can no longer maintain the same environment. So the earth will go into a new stage. The time has come. (This is the end of cycle of reincarnation. This is the end of all karmas.)

When The Days of Miroku comes close, it is the time when your life force and the cells of your body will be reborn by making a round trip between Hakusan(Reverse side. Yin) and Ise (Front side. Yan). You will become younger. This may sound very ridiculous but I am in fact extremely serious. I sense that this Hakusan – Ise line is the very line on earth that will receive the rebirth vibration from the sun. This prophecy was made in the ancient Japanese script Kojiki where it talks about Izanami (the mother of Sun Goddess Amaterasu ) going to Yomi-no-kuni ( The World of Death ) to cure her uterine cancer.

As the radiation from the sunspots of the sun starts to increase, the temperature will rise and the spirit part of human beings will start to awaken. Then everyone will able to see “The Light Pillar of The Grand Shrine of Ise Gegū (Gekū)”.

- In the Days of Miroku, each and everyone is a savior -

The savior that the world is expecting is not just one person such as Jesus Christ, but we all awaken to become the savior. We will evolve to become the Miroku Bosatsu in Buddhism and Jesus Christ in Christianity.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

Global Warming & The Law of Gratitude

Global warming has become an issue these days. But I sense that the biggest reason for this is coming from the rise of the temperature of the inside of earth. The electro-magnetic waves from the sun are getting stronger, thus it is like the earth being in a microwave oven. It is heated from the inside. The ice of the North Pole and the South Pole is melting not from the surface but from below. This interior heating will result in a decline of production of crops. The underground water will dry up. The outbreak of insect pests will increase. It is very important that we arm ourselves with “Gratitude”; otherwise we might drown in the fear and stress.

The increase of the sunspots will be at its peak in 2012. ( or / The radiation from the sun spots will start to influence the earth and human beings. When this radiation becomes stronger, celluar phones will be disrupted. Power breakdowns will occur frequently. In the vision I witnessed of The Days of Miroku, the temperature was around 20℃(68°F) all year around. But this is after the shift of the poles of the earth.

As a sign of the arrival of The Days of Miroku( Miroku = so called the Buddha of the Future), the sea level will rise and there will be a change in the world map. If the sea level rise 14m (46 feet), it will exactly match the map that I was shown in my vision.

These things will happen in the shift before the arrival of The Days of Miroku:

• The four seasons will no longer exist and temperature will fluctuate in both extremes between very high and very low.
• Time will pass faster
• World map will change due to the rising of sea level
• Decrease in the amount of meals consumed
• The power of the kotodama “Ikashite -itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu(Thank you for letting us live)” that effects the all mighty will be revealed.

Q.. Why did you think to prevent this?
A.. So there is less harm done and we are able to shift as peacefully as possible.

Q.. Has it already begun? There is no way to turn back?

A.. That is why “The 5% gratitude campaign” has began. When 5% of the people in Japan start to consciously feel the sense of gratitude toward the ordinary things, the people all over Japan will naturally start to think and act on the idea of gratitude. Then the subconscious mind will begin to resonate, and the whole world will begin the act of gratitude. This will heal the Spirit of Earth and change will start happening. I think the reason why Japan has become a wealthy abundant place is because we have the role to of being the first people to recognize this. It would be almost impossible for a country full of people who are suffering from poverty to start the sense of gratitude.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gods are terribly fair

-Imagine you are at the end of your life-

Comment from a reader:
I live outside of Japan and my husband is a foreigner. Keeping one’s maiden name after marriage is quite common in the country where I live, and most homes wouldn’t have any Buddhist or Shinto altar. However, I have registered my last name to be the same as my husband’s and I have made my own memorial to do ancestral worship with gratitude. I would usually put the altar away after a while, but one day, I left it out. And my father-in-law saw it. He said, “What is this?” So I answered, “I send my gratitude everyday to my ancestors.” He said, “Oh! So you will continue to do this even after I am gone”. He seemed very impressed and happy. It made me happy too to see him smile.

Reply to comment:
This is an ideal way for a Japanese woman to be married to a foreign man. In this way, the marriage becomes a true, spiritual marriage. The husband’s family has accepted her spiritually. She even becomes the “special one” who started sending gratitude to her husband's ancestors. I am sure the old man was so joyous to know about this. When one becomes old, he/she would start thinking about his/her own death, worrying about the future of their children or grandchildren. When one knows that one’s children will not forget about him/her and continue to send gratitude “on their own will”, that is most comforting and reassuring. By knowing this, when the time comes, they will be ready to leave this plain.

In the Western part of the world, Christianity is the main religion, and ancestral worship has not been part of their custom. When you were young, your religion may have served you well. But as you are getting closer to the end of your days, even you have been religious all your life, you are still not so sure about god. You think, “I have done some sinful act in the past. When I die do I really get to go to Heaven? Is my family going to forget about me? Am I just going to disappear?” In a real sense, I feel people are worried about these things.

The idea to honor one’s own ancestral spirits is the shortest way to reach Heaven. By worshipping your own ancestral line, and opening the path by "your own effort" is the "safest way" to reach the Kingdom of God. This way, you will be able to reach Heaven as a "true identity".

People tend to look for a powerful figure, such as God, to depend on. But imagine that you are a God. Would you help the ones that ignore their own related family, and lost ancestral spirits?

A selfish act could lead to serving a wrong spirit such as a concealed spirit, or the ones pretending to be a God, but in truth, eats the human souls. Unfortunately, it seems to be a fate to be on such path. But when you realize that you had been selfish, you will still have the chance to save your soul.

Without doubt, the righteous god will come to help for those who are helping the weak. Gods are terribly fair.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sun Goddess Amaterasu exists all around the world

Q.. I was born in Japan and my parents are Japanese. However, I lived in the US with my family when I was little, and 10 years ago I started to live in the US and just got married last year with an American. I had just finished reading your book and wondering about my innate god. Since I have moved out of Japan, does it make my innate god distant from Amaterasu-Ohomikami? Wherever I live, I feel that I exist because of my ancestors and Japan.

A.. Because I emphasize the existence of Amaterasu-Ohomikami who resides in Japan, the Japanese people who live abroad might feel a little sad or non-Japanese people might think it has nothing to do with oneself.

Amaterasu-Ohomikami is the true identity of the Sun. There are no countries on this planet that cannot see the sun. She exists all around the world. In Japan, we call the Goddess, Amaterasu-Ohomikami, but in other countries and/or in other times, she was called in different names. Curiously, even in different languages, it has similar sounds of Ama, Te, Ra, Su in different combinations. Or in some cultures, she is simply called Ra or La. It is because these sound vibrations have the most abundant energy that brings birth to life. Whether the sun is a she or a he is also different in cultures. In some countries or civilizations, when the leader or the head priest was a male during the time of sun worship , the later spirit mediums might see their figure and misread the true identity of the sun. The true identity of the Sun God, like other gods, is an energy figure. If one sees a form of a human, he or she is seeing something else. The energy figure of the Sun God has a very warm feeling, thus it is more of a female energy. In Japan, we see her as a goddess. The sun gives birth to all lives and nurtures them. This is a similar quality to female nature. Interestingly, the sun exists in other dimensions as well. But there is no sunset in other dimensions. The sun is always shinning. The lower levels of dimensions have less light and it gets darker.

For those who live in other countries, try sending gratitude daily in your own way around sunrise or early morning. You will become one with the God of the Sun who directly relates to your innate god, your true identity. If you feel more comfortable saying in your own language, that is good too. Basically, it is all the same.

As I write this article, it made me go back to the time when I visited The Grand Shrine of Ise, Izawa-no-miya in May 2007 where I witnessed the Cross in the sun through my psychic vision. I sense, maybe in few years, the sunspot will appear in a form of a cross. When this happens, that sun radiation might very well force humans to shed his/her old shell and show its true identity.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

The kotodama, “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu ”

Q. How was this “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu ” given to you?

A.. I had psychic abilities from birth, and I was very interested in the spiritual world, so I used to visit shrines and temples. At one point in my life, I experimented with various practice in different fields. I was able to reach a certain level of awakening quite easily, but after that I felt emptiness because it was only serving myself, and that was meaningless to me. At that time, I was using weekends and holidays to help individuals by giving advice about their problems on a spiritual level. But I kept thinking, there should be something else that is “all-mighty” and this could help me as well as others in a practical way. Something that will Give Birth to something New.

Just around that time, for the first time, I was able to see the Big Dipper and the North Star with my psychic vision at The Grand Shrine of Ise, Gegū. The next day, one line, just “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu ” kept coming to my mind over and over again.

At this time, I was still accepting individual distant healing and distant chanting, so I used these words and the effect was tremendous. It also worked extremely well for spiritual protection and returning a curse. I also advised the people who came to me to think and say these words, and it resulted in a big change on their health or spiritual problems, which convinced me even more.

When you are calling to the sun ….. it is “Amaterasu- Ohomikami”. It brings practical power. Chant “Amaterasu- Ohomikami” towards the morning sun, (twice or in even numbers) and then chant “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu ” several times. This is the Key for your soul to peacefully shift to the time to come “The Days of Miroku”.

I feel the number of people who are getting familiar with this chant “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu ” is increasng. Try adding “Amaterasu Ohomikami”, if you sense that it goes well together. Emphasize the sound , “Ra“ and “Su“. This is the only god’s name that is in a legendary story and is also the true Spirit Name happens to be the same. The Egyptians calls their supreme god “Ra“ the God of the Sun. “Su“ is also an important kotodama. Using similar sound for the God of the Sun, in a different language, implys a universal truth.

“Amaterasu-Ohomikami” is a name of the sun goddess, but it is also a very powerful purification chant. One ancient Shinto practice, still practiced today in some sects, is to chant these ten letters thousands of times daily.

In the time of Mu, when they worshiped the God of the Sun, I sense that they pronounced the chant as “ A Rin Ga To U” . (In modern Japanese, "arigato" means "thank you". It is similar isn't it? )  
Living a life is tough. Everything definitely changes. Happiness may never last, but hardship is not forever either. When humans successfully turn into butterfies from their chrysalis, we will have reached the goal, The Days of Miroku . But first we must metamorphizee. The accelerator, to hasten the process, is to chant “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu ” daily all the time to your own innate god. And once in a while, visit The Grand Shrine of Ise Gegū, where ghostly spirits cannot exist. There you will receive the shower of light that comes from a nameless existence, the silent source of the universe.

Even when you are having a bad day, send gratitude that you are alive. It actually brings great power, a very practical power.

I have not yet reached enlightenment, but I have challenged many occult modalities for a long time. The practice that actually helped me immensely and solved a vast amount of my concerns was this law of gratitude.

As long as you are cursing someone, the gratitude will not work. A curse often works on the cursee and gives him or her some kind of disorder later when they had totally forgotten about it. The problem comes after this curse had worked. The curse that the cursor put out, once it is accomplished, absorbs the fate factors of the cursee and becomes a larger energy and comes back to its master, the cursor. But this cursor had totally forgotten about what he or she had done a long time ago, so he or she thinks that something bad happened for no reason. Therefore, if one curses a lot of people, one’s life will just go down hill. You become the looser. If you have someone that you don’t like, try forcing yourself to send gratitude to that person. If the receiver was actually the one who did wrong, deep down, he or she knows about it, so it works very well. Then what happens to the returning boomerang energy? The energy of gratitude comes back to you.

There is no need to ask for anything. If you can send the gratitude to the origin, it will come back to you on its own. This is the short cut. The vibration is changing so it manifests quickly from now on.

Both to god and to one’s ancestors, it is better to send gratitude than asking for your wish to come true. It is the short cut to bring miracles into your life.

People will expect profits from this law of gratitude. Human are weak. Even if the reason to start this prayer comes from “expecting a profit”, the fact that it is the right thing to do, and because it resonates to the vibration of this time, it will create power. Then one will start recognizing something other than a profit, which will lead to ones growth. I think this is okay.

No matter how bad of a crime you have committed, or a big mistake that cannot be undone, if you keep on sending the gratitude, your connection to the World of Hell will be cut off. Remember, it is important to continuously send the gratitude on a daily basis.

If you really want to do something to help others, you must first attain the law of gratitude to a certain degree (levels are unlimited and the highest is to reach the Root God). You must sense that all your ancestors are in peace. Only then will it work. Otherwise, it is simply an impractical theory.

By acting on the gratitude, the people around you will start to change. If you wish to help the people around you, I hope you will simply keep continuing the act of gratitude.

The act of Gratitude is truly the short cut to reach Kongenshin - the Root God. Don’t waste your time in taking a detour. We don’t have time for that.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Best Way to send Gratitude

   First get a tanzaku(white thick paperboard for poems) and write… “○○家先祖代々の霊位”.

For non-Japanese people, I have put it out to ask the God Spirit how they should make the tanzaku: The answer was: Make a cross in 5cm wide 30cm vertical x 18.5cm horizontal (1 foot = 30.48cm). Write on the horizontal part in one or two lines, “Memorial for the ancestors of the ’s.” The cross must be made from paper material, perhaps a cardboard wrapped in white paper. You shouldn’t use any vinyl or plastic materials. The spirits can only reside on a paper material, which is a fine fiber made out of tree bark. Use a fairly bold black or gold marker. The lost spirits have very limited vision. (see graphical image: )

Write the last name you are using at present time. You might be divorced or for complicated reasons changed your name, you still need to use the last name you are using at this present time. Use a marker or ink, in black or gold. It is best to write it yourself. It doesn’t matter if the writing is bad as long as you put your heart in it. You will need a stand to hold the tanzaku or the cross. Light two incense sticks in front of the tanzaku or the cross. The morning hours are the best time to do the ritual. Be sure the fire is out before you leave your house. (Better to avoid doing at night after 10pm, especially between midnight and 3am. Unnecessary spirit contact may occur). The two incense sticks represent your father’s side and your mother’s side. After you light the incense, chant “ Dear ancestors Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu , I am grateful for this opportunity of this life.“ You can say it aloud or in your mind. Once you start doing this ritual, all your ancestors who have not yet reached heaven or have not been worshiped until now are going to come to you. Thus you might start to feel their pain. Everyone goes through this. I went through a lot of this. It is a natural phenomenon. There are so many of your ancestors behind you, even just going back for few generations.

Once you have become familiar with the ritual, add another incense. The third one should be lit after you have said the chant toward your direct ancestors. When you have lit the third one, chant, “To all the other various spirits, Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu, I am grateful for the opportunity of this life.” This will cover the rest of the spirits who are in relation with you. If you already have a Buddhist altar at home with a memorial, you do not need to make this particular memorial. Just chant the words in front of your altar. Japanese style incense will need a small bowl with ashes or sand to make the incense stand. Once you have used a lot of incense in the bowl, the part that is in the ashes or sand might create high heat, which could cause a fire. I recommend the use of another plate under the bowl.

* The sound vibration is very important in a kotodama(spirit of words). For non-Japanese speakers, I suggest you say it in Japanese (Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu) first and then in your own language (Thank you for letting us live" or "I am grateful for the opportunity of this life" or similar).

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kuyō (ancestral worship) will help you

Your names have kotodama (vibrational energy or spirit of words/sound) too. So even if it's a foreign name, if I hear the sound of it, I could read all the ancestral path and fate. That is because a name is related to your spiritual connection. This is why using your last name is important. If you have changed your last name, it will feel very awkward in the beginning. This happens not only from the habit, but through the spiritual connection. If you divorce and go back to your maiden name, your spiritual connection will be back to your maiden family. For those who do not have children, or are unmarried should naturally use their last name on the tanzaku(memorial stand). When you have done a true sense of kuyō, you have created an after death fate for yourself. You will be at peace. Everything you do will always come back to you. I would recommend the ancestral worship rather than the trendy higher-self ideas or imagination methods.

When I first started the ancestral kuyō 20 years ago, the beginning phase was very hard. I realized the Buddhist style memorial service was not really serving its purpose. By using the “gratitude”, it will particularly reach ghostly spirits and other spirits, so the lost ones will start to come around. When one group of my ancestor was settled in peace, I felt myself becoming more strong and stable. Then another group of spirits started to come and then I started to feel a little grey…. And the cycle went on.

At present, all of my ancestors are pretty much in peace, but once in a while a very far relative will come to ask for help. Around last autumn, one spirit came by. When I started to feel depressed all of a sudden, I knew it was a spirit asking for help. I offered another incense for that spirit with the gratitude chant for several days. Then it left and went into peace. The ideal is to have all of the descendents to pray with gratitude, but even just one of you acting on it, will be a great help to clear the clouds above your family members and relatives.

My understanding is that a spirit or a soul is made out of electromagnetic waves. A lost soul emanates a minus ki (chi), and when a lost soul is stuck to a person, that person is exposed to this minus ki . If you ignore that fact, when the sun power increases and starts to emanate a strong plus ki, it will give you an extremely strong impact. By sending the gratitude, the minus energy of a lost spirit will turn into a plus. This will help you greatly to develop in a plus direction. On the contrary, for those who carry a lot of minus ki, this era, is going to be extremely difficult.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

ps. The proper & best way of Kuyo will be introduced in the later post.

Ancestors need comfort death

It is very difficult for lost souls to elevate on their own because when they were still alive, they had been living in a way which shrank their innate god, which created a negative cycle. The biggest reason why they are in pain and not in comfort is because they are in separation with their own Innate God.

How to elevate lost souls into a peaceful place :

• The lost souls being remembered by the living humans in a good way.
• The lost souls being worshipped (kuyō). The best kuyō is to offer prayer of gratitude.

These will work best for the spirit world.

When a person had done much goodness and has been well respected during his or her physical life, he or she is remembered even after death and receives a lot of gratitude. The reason why “gratitude” is effective in the spirit world comes from the same concept. Even the lost souls who have not done any goodness when they were alive, by sending them gratitude will definitely help them to feel good about themselves.

When you act on the above two ways of elevating the lost souls, the energy will reach to the lost soul’s innate god and make it “fat”. The innate god now has more power to help the lost soul elevate back to the World of Spirit. Once the soul has reached the World of Spirit, it will be in peace. This is the proper place where the innate god and the partner soul should be saying good-bye. In other words, until this happened, they were just separated because of lack of power. The innate god had to simply wait until it could gain power again through a human act in order to complete its duty. Once the duty is accomplished, the innate god returns to the World of God to fuse with its parent god. In the Japanese World of God, the parent god is often Amaterasu-Ohomikami(the Sun Goddess). The innate god is usually the same as one’s own Ubusuna-kami(Birth Place God) or Uji-gami(Regional God).

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

Why we need to offer Gratitude

Some people might think that it is strange to send gratitude to the lost spirits. In the World of Spirit, receiving gratitude from humans is most effective. Imagine you are dead. Do you think anybody will remember you and send gratitude towards you? In this modern world, even within parent and child relationship, that might not happen. That is why it is so appreciated to receive gratitude after death. It is such an honor and a virtue. So we purposefully give thanks.

When the spirit in the World of Spirits or World of Hell, receives gratitude from a related human being, the energy turns into something it really wants at that moment. If the spirit is in pain, the pain will go away only when the gratitude is sent. When it is starving, it turns into a delicious meal equivalent to the amount of gratitude. This moment of relief will help the spirits to reflect and improve. For the spirits who are in severe pain, it is no use to admonish. To a starving spirit, it is no use to preach or chant some beautiful words. We first send the gratitude, so they can take a break and start to recognize that they do not have a body anymore, and will be able to let go of the attachment to this World of Reality. When they start to recognize this, the pain or starvation will gradually disappear. When those spirits who are already in peace receive the gratitude, they are empowered and attain more mobility. They will start to protect the living descendents, and start to help the other spirits who are still not in peace. We have more related spirits other than our direct ancestors. It might be someone who took care of you when you were a baby, or someone related to your work or that helped you that you do not even recognize. All of these spirits, if their direct descendents are not doing the kuyō, might come to you because they recognize you from when they were alive. When you send gratitude and make them be at ease, it is adding virtue to yourself. When you are in trouble, they will voluntarily come to help you.

By sending the gratitude to your ancestors and other related spirits, plus by using incense as an offering for comfort, will bring you practical power. The sense of gratitude actually goes all the way up to the World of Gods. This is the highest offering you can ever offer. Tossing coins at the shrine will make gods sad and definitely not make them happy. One person offers a coin and asks for their wish to come true. Another person sends only gratitude to the source that he or she is alive and makes that an offering. Which person do you think a god will be motivated to help?

In any case, this chant “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu ” is something I received when I was visiting The Grand Shrine of Ise Gegū. I was told that this is the “Key” to everything. It is a Divine Revelation. I am not concerned if anyone is against this idea. It is beyond human understanding.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

Sending gratitude to your ancestors

The necessity to send gratitude towards ancestors

In living a life, people say, some are just lucky and some are just unlucky. But sometimes, even this theory doesn’t seem to work.

The cause has much to do with the influence from your ancestral spirits.

In order for a human to be born to this world of reality, there are fatal causes. When the right time comes, with the help of an Ubusuna-kami( A regional god that leads a soul into the unborn baby. One’s own Ubusuna-kami could be found usually in a shrine near to the hospital you were born. ), your soul unites with your innate god. After the unification, the adequate country is determined and to which family the fleshly body should be born. This person who is a unification of a “personal soul” and an “innate god” is born to a “family” in relation to past life connection. Because you have chosen this family connection, you must express respect by sending a heart full of gratitude. Since the beginning of time, whatever your ancestors where doing, they kept the blood running for a long, long time. This is how you are able to have a body to live in. If you cannot recognize and send respect to your ancestors, it means you are in self-denial. Your “luck” gets thinner.

Once you are born to this world and attain a life, you must continue to send gratitude to your ancestors for the rest of your life. By doing so, you are finally standing on the start line. There are still a lot of people out there unsteady like a leaf on the ground, and not yet standing on the start line of their life.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Mission

(Question from the reader)
Q.. You are said to have reincarnated from the world of Seijin (righteous god) in order to spread this practice of gratitude awareness, but what have you been doing until now?

A.. I was working daily in a company as a salesman. At the same time, on a spiritual level, I had been working on sending the fugutives kenzokus (the retainers/emmisaries) back to the gods’ world. When the Seijins (righteous gods) want to deal with this dimension that we humans live in, because their vibrational energy level is different, they cannot interfere directly. They use a kenzoku to deal between the two worlds. However, since the time of Heisei (1989〜), the Seijins are now able to interfere directly, so they no longer need these kenzokus. The fugutives are these kenzokus that refused to go back to the godly world and chose to stay in this human dimension. This mutiny started about 100 years ago. Although in the spirit world the time is a little ahead of us.

Due to the difference in vibration, gods have used these spirits as messengers, but from now on they will directly work with those who are in gratitude awareness.

I never thought that The Days of Miroku I visioned 20 years ago would come during my lifetime. Around year 2006, the vibrational energy of this world started to change. Especially when I felt the raditaion or vibrational energy from the sun early February of 2007, I was convinced that it had already begun. The key to ease the evolution so we can shift peacefully is to bring out the sense of gratitude in daily matters that we have taken for granted.

This will link to “The ki (chi)of Gratitude towards Kongenshin – the Root God of all source” which should lead to a smooth and easier shift. If we encounter the shift in the consciousness that we know at this present time, it will be a very hard one both for earth and for mankind. So I am eager to spread this practice and that is why I took the liberty of putting out these words “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu” on the internet adding all kinds of interesting stories to attract many people.

My mission is :
∗ To let people know the existence of Gegū at The Grand Shrine of Ise.
∗ To spread the prayer “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu” (“Thank you for letting me be alive” ) with awareness. This is the short cut to manifesting yourself.

If I am able to make people recognize these two points, I have succeeded.

I do not like the idea that only a particular group or a sect of people will be saved. That is a very narrow minded perspective and strange. If the key is to have a “heart of gratitude”, poor or rich, race, country, religion does not matter.

This is my honest feeling. I am now over 40 years old. The things I had written in the past are about what was done before I was 25. At that time, the ghostly spirits were still very active and I was repeatedly reminded of the future through dreams and visions. I always thought that those times would be hundreds of years later. However, since last year, I was shocked to realize that the vision I saw in those days was actually already right in front of me. I have to do something about it………. To realize, the things we think as ordinary that we take for granted, is actually a miracle and all we need is to consciously be thankful for it. So when over 5% of the population chooses to act on it, the future will change.

We don’t have time. The true savior has something that all mankind can understand without cost, without a leading figure and without regard to nationality or race.

In the past, those who attempted to tell the message from the Divine Order have been disturbed and destroyed. Most of the ones reincarnated from the world of Seijin have ended unsuccessfully in this dimension.

In my case, I have reincarnated to serve my purpose (5% campaign) with the other 113 kenzokus(retainers/emmisaries). At present, the World of Ghosts has diminished to 30%. The remaining ones are guarding me. At this time, because the evils still have strong powers, in order to pursue my godly duties, I must do whatever it takes. Just being pure and innocent, I will spiritually lose. However, if you personally do not have a godly mission, then with a simple act of gratitude, you will be saved. For me, it will be more difficult.

My purpose is simply to lead people to use the kotodama (spirit of word vibration/sound) - “Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu.”, (best to say it in Japanese because of the kotodama and then in your launguage "Thank you for letting me live", "I am grateful for this life" or similar ) in your mind, or aloud on a daily basis. Say it as many times as you feel you want to say it. And also when you feel the sun, send gratitude as well.

When this is successfully manifested, the conscious mind of all mankind will start to share the same idea. Suddenly, all humanity will start to send gratitude to their own religious god. All gods are connected to Kongenshin, the Root God and so are all human souls.

When this happens, the situation of this planet Earth will change.

Phenomenon of the 100th Monkey

Long ago, Adolf Hitler gained immense popularity at the end of his election campaign. Our former Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi had also gained great popularity and at one point, reached over 80% support from the public. Like the phenomenon of the Hundredth Monkey, an idea came up.

For the case of humankind, when over 5% of a group starts to act on one thing it automatically starts to spread quickly. For example, the problem of bullying at schools. If you had 40 people in the class, 5% will be two. If these two start to bully one, it somehow spreads to most of the class mates consciousness, and sooner or later almost everyone starts to pick on that one particular person. This“5%”came into my mind.

I believe that this “5% Gratitude Campaign” will lead to the Big Change. The future is unpredictable. When each and every one of us acts on the prayer of gratitude, the Iwado (the rock door as in the Japanese legend) will collapse and unite us with our innate god. That is when human becomes god. God is immortal.

Humans tend to see life by just cutting out this present one, and they think it’s not fair or complain that it doesn’t make sense. If you could understand what you had done in past lives it would make sense, but it doesn’t really serve the purpose. One’s true-self will not come out by seeing one’s past lives.

The more hardships, the more gratitude that is necessary.

This is the reason why god does not show its existence. We are not certain whether it really exists or not. I call this the “theory of a hidden camera.”

If someone is trying to do something bad, what will that person do if he or she knew there was a hidden camera? … God will always remain hidden from mankind.

From now on, we will enter a time where our thoughts will directly manifest our reality. It is all up to you, to think good thoughts or bad thoughts. Not the superficial act, but your real hidden thoughts will materialize. It will be your own battle within yourself.

It is not good to worry. It will hurt your innate god. Both our body and heart is a temporal vehicle lent to us by the Root God.

At the end, when we return it, our body is examined to determine how we used it and how much bigger and fatter the heart has become. Let’s not have any regrets at that point.

The Passage of the Humanity 5% Campaign

Around early May of 2007, I received a Divine Order from a Divine Spirit.

1. Increase the number of humans who will consciously become aware of appreciating the common matters in their daily lives.

2. Increase the number of humans who will send gratitude towards god instead of using god as a useful tool to make wishes come true.

3. Let them know that nurturing one’s own innate god already in one’s heart, is far more important than praising a god outside of oneself.

4. Let them know, that as long as he or she is in this dimension, one should console one’s own related ancestors and other spirits by sending prayers of gratitude. By doing so, # 1, 2, & 3 will deepen and he or she will be under protection.

The Divine Spirit gave me a Divine Order to spread this information to reach 3000 people who will act upon it, by the end of 2007. To be precise, the number was 3333 people. Obeying the Order, I started a blog site on the internet. After three months, I started to feel that maybe I will not make it by the end of the year. The retainer of god said I will make it for sure, but I was having doubt. By now, the number of access to my site has reached over 15000, however there are probably some duplicates. By November 2007, I felt the far most number actually acting on the terms were approximately 2800 people. Then in December I actually felt that it reached 3000. From Okinawa to Hokkaido, it felt that the numbers have spread quite equally along the whole chain of islands of Japan.

There is a number 3 in the universal law. I expect that once we reach 3000, we’ve reached the basic seed and it will increase in triples, and speed up the increase.

Right now, when I look at the chain of islands of Japan from space, I feel a very bright spiritual light line between Ise and Hakusan. Just around the middle of Japan, this light line goes all the way across horizontally. The 3000 people are spread across the islands vertically from Okinawa to Hokkaido and they look like little dots of lights. When more people start to bring out their own light, this line of dots will become a very strong light line that runs vertically. At that time, a giant bright cross will complete above the islands of Japan. When this happens the world will change. The most ancient, fundamental of all fundamental - The Root is waiting for this Cross to appear above the dragon figured Japan. Will this Cross complete or collapse? I do not know. It depends on all of our consciousness.

About 5% Gratitude Awareness Campaign

“Gratitude” is the Key

For many years, I have been working as a salesman. Since childhood, I have been experiencing interference from the spirit world. Until I started working fulltime at the age of 23, I had devoted myself to seeking the spiritual path.

I went through so many encounters and experiences. Even when I look back, I still feel the content of my experiences were dense. I never entered any organization nor association. I practiced all by myself with my source behind me who drew me into various experiences.

Around that time, I was asked by two different Ko(ancient) Shinto sects to lead their group but I declined their offers. At the age of 23 my Shingyō (spiritual training under a god) came to a close. At the last phase of the training , I was given a vision of the future of mankind.

Once I started to work fulltime, I simply focused on sensing my innate god in relationship to the real social world. In the year 2007, a thought came into my mind and I started to write on an internet clip board .

The environment that we live in, is not a result of chance. Even with a very small change in gravity, magnetic field, and the frequncy of the solar radiation, creatures today would not be able to live.

“A Will“ is enabling us to live. A Will is letting us have a life, an individual life that is a reoccuring of wishes, desires, anger and problems.

In this environment, we have repeatedly transmigrated and arrived at this “end phase“ period of time It is not a coincidence that we are alive. There are meanings. We must first be “thankful that we are led to live“ before we pursue our personal goals and dreams. No matter how unfortunate your circumstances are, such as in physical or mental problems, if you start your prayers by sending “Thank you for letting me live“, you will start to see things that will lead you to a realization. You will start to realize that you have a lot of support and have been taken care.

What we are experiencing on this “Stage“ of life is about to change. The ancient people have always offered gratitude to the Stage. Modern day people take the Stage for granted and only think of competition and gain. The Stage has started its rearrangement. By offering our gratitude, I dream that the rearrangement will slowdown and stop. If 5% of the population could send their gratitude, the vibrational energy would spread to the world and stop the change.

“Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu” ( meaning “Thank you for letting us live.”)

This is the kotodama(spiritual incantation). The Stage of the theatre is the planet Earth. 

(Question from the reader)
Q.. You are saying that if we reach that 5% we can avoid the change (negative changes such as global warming )?

A.. That is what I have received as a Divine Revelation.
I have been told that when 5% of the people consciously start sending gratitude, in no time, it will spread around the world. It will bring effect to the subconscious of all human kind. Right now it is less than 1%.(May,2007)
When 5% of all people, consciously continue gratitude awareness in their daily lives, … something exciting will happen.