Sunday, July 20, 2008

Phenomenon of the 100th Monkey

Long ago, Adolf Hitler gained immense popularity at the end of his election campaign. Our former Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi had also gained great popularity and at one point, reached over 80% support from the public. Like the phenomenon of the Hundredth Monkey, an idea came up.

For the case of humankind, when over 5% of a group starts to act on one thing it automatically starts to spread quickly. For example, the problem of bullying at schools. If you had 40 people in the class, 5% will be two. If these two start to bully one, it somehow spreads to most of the class mates consciousness, and sooner or later almost everyone starts to pick on that one particular person. This“5%”came into my mind.

I believe that this “5% Gratitude Campaign” will lead to the Big Change. The future is unpredictable. When each and every one of us acts on the prayer of gratitude, the Iwado (the rock door as in the Japanese legend) will collapse and unite us with our innate god. That is when human becomes god. God is immortal.

Humans tend to see life by just cutting out this present one, and they think it’s not fair or complain that it doesn’t make sense. If you could understand what you had done in past lives it would make sense, but it doesn’t really serve the purpose. One’s true-self will not come out by seeing one’s past lives.

The more hardships, the more gratitude that is necessary.

This is the reason why god does not show its existence. We are not certain whether it really exists or not. I call this the “theory of a hidden camera.”

If someone is trying to do something bad, what will that person do if he or she knew there was a hidden camera? … God will always remain hidden from mankind.

From now on, we will enter a time where our thoughts will directly manifest our reality. It is all up to you, to think good thoughts or bad thoughts. Not the superficial act, but your real hidden thoughts will materialize. It will be your own battle within yourself.

It is not good to worry. It will hurt your innate god. Both our body and heart is a temporal vehicle lent to us by the Root God.

At the end, when we return it, our body is examined to determine how we used it and how much bigger and fatter the heart has become. Let’s not have any regrets at that point.


Pedro Teixeira da Mota. said...

This idea that : "At the end, when we return it, our body is examined to determine how we used it and how much bigger and fatter the heart has become.", is a very interesting one... This may signify that we have a soul's heart, and that we can have transformed it in a sluggish fat egoistic heart?
Ikashite Itadaite arigatou gozaimasu!

Sazareishi said...

Thank you for your many comments.

Here I meant fat in a good way.. thicker or bolder.