Sunday, April 15, 2012

The more you climb the better the view

    The nature of kami (god) is a mirror. It reflects everything and shows it to us. That's why when you send gratitude towards your own innate god, the energy of gratitude will grow inside you and reflect in your life. In other words, when you do this daily from the bottom of your heart, there will be things actually happening in your life that you will be overwhelmed with joy. If you are only asking for help to god, I wonder what the reflection will be? The reflection might be too heavy for you to handle. You are actually strangling yourself. The more you ask for help to god, the more weight you are putting onto yourself. This is not a good situation. 
The strangled heart becomes weak and misses the chances of good luck.  
     Now here is a question. When the mirror (kami) wants to see himself, how does he see it? 
I think, the only way he sees himself is by looking at the world. In Japanese old saying, we say you look at the child to see who or what kind of parents they are. So if you see this third dimensional world, you will see what kami looks like, or what kami is all about. The point is how YOU choose to see the world. There are all kinds of situations presented in this world. There are many tragedies, sufferings and cruelty going on in this world. At the same time, there are many wonderful and good things occurring as well.   But there are so many people in this world. This is another fact. And I think this is an evidence of love of humanity. To raise a child is one serious accomplishment. It takes so much work and other people’s help. It is really a continuous work of a miracle. No matter how tragedic and poor the country is, as long as there are children, god still wants them to live. This is god showing his love. The future is a blank sheet of paper. Like us, god is also observing how it will become. When we think about the future, how you want it to be, if it was a playful thought, I think it becomes a reality more than when you are desiring strongly. When it’s a playful light thought, there is no ego. And that's why I think it works better. No matter how big the dream is, it will come true when it comes true. Don’t believe in fate. You are the creator who makes things happen. Don’t forget that you are the creator, the reflection of kami.  Most of the people have forgotten about this. We used to be in oneness. The separation of god and human was the beginning of the tragedy. God is waiting for us to see his reflection on us. So lets not give up and keep having good thoughts. And the way to be in oneness once again is by saying “ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu. Thank you for letting us live.”