Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Live like there is no tomorrow

I live every day like that day is one lifetime.  I live my life like there is no tomorrow and spend my day cheerfully as much as I could. I always keep in mind that I may not have a tomorrow, I may be dead and try to live with no regrets trying to care for each and every moment. When you think about death, small problems and worries disappear.   Naturally, I wouldn’t waste my time on such small matters and just be in “c’est la vie.”  Even when I meet someone who is angry or who has unpleasant attitude towards me, I find it amusing. When I think I might be dead tomorrow, nothing can really make me angry and can be very forgiving. And for some reason, I start to have a sense of gratitude towards everyone around me.

It might be a little too extreme to think that you might be dying tomorrow, but I believe it would bring you the right attitude towards life. When one forgets about death, one tends to become attached to something or have some sort of obsession. Then, it easily becomes a struggle that could lead to fighting/war.
Then what about dreams and hopes?  When your dreams and hopes seems very far in your future that is because youre only dreaming and hoping for it and not acting on it today.

Its not good enough to think one day…”  You are just putting it on hold and not doing anything about it. When you think, you might not have a tomorrow, you would at least act on 0.1% on your dream. Dont dream about your future. You must move one step forward towards your dream every day. When you can see your dream or a part of your dream today, it feels really great.

When you live the day like there is no tomorrow, even when a fee charging psychics tells you about things, you won't be bothered by it. When you are not serious about living TODAY, you feel like you received a very fortunate information, limit your future with those words and feel a sense of comfort. Those people who are not serious about living TODAY, would probably stay without any progress or improvement but instead continue to carry anxiety for the rest of their lives. Time just keeps on passing. You are just getting old and wasting a lot of money. Dont rely too much on psychics and fortune telling. They cannot change your life in a good way.  If you cant trust yourself, you will always be carrying anxiety for the rest of your life.

Then what should you be doing?  You must act by yourself on believing and trusting your own will and your ancestors who brought you to this life.

You shouldn't trust a fee charging fortune teller or psychics to come in between you and your innate god. There are so many evil spirits behinds these fee charging so called sensei who are trying to separate you from your innate god. Please be careful.

I live my life by sending gratitude everyday like there is no tomorrow. Then I realize that I am receiving a little of what I want in this world everyday. I believe that this 5% campaign is going to reach its goal and you will be a part of it.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around you so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.