Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sun is Alive

     The other day, I saw a TV show about a Swedish biologist and medical doctor, Carl Calleman( He became interested in the Mayan calendar. Amongst the people who are into the spiritual world, end of 2012 (winter solstice) was to be said the end of one civilization. And many theories to what might be happening at that time have been said in the past decade.

     However Dr.Calleman tells us that the Mayan calendar and the modern calendar has some calculation differences. He claims that the Mayan calendar ends not at the end of 2012 but October 28th of 2011. What I am sensing is that it’s not one end of a civilization but huge changes in values will start to happen at the end of October 2011, a phenomenal change that only occurs once in few thousand years. I feel, by the end of 2012, it has already changed to a beginning of a new world with new values.
     In Japan, it’s already starting after the March 11th quake and tsunami disaster. People are starting to be awakened to more important values than what they valued before. People used to prioritize work but now some have realized to put more value on family and being grateful for being alive. People are facing death more closely than before and thinking about the value of being alive. I believe that people are going to change in a good way from here.

     The same TV show brought up another interesting subject. It was about a new comet Elenin ( Some people in the world are saying that this comet might become a cause to a gigantic earthquake. A former NASA employee is talking online that the US government is preparing eight nuclear missiles on an orbiter to destroy this comet in case it comes too close to our planet. This is more likely a false information, but it’s true that the directors of NASA are giving out a warning to raise awareness for disaster preventions and strengthening the shoreline watch. The TV show went to visit an astronomical observatory in Japan where there are observing comets. The staff knew about comet Elenin. The staff told the comet is about 3km diameter. It’s not a large comet that could destroy our planet. With this size, it can be for certain be destroyed by a missile.  I personally don’t feel any threat from this comet. On August 16th, NASA has also formally announced about this comet Elenin that it will not give any negative influence to our planet Earth.

     The real attention should be given on the solar flare and sunspots. This is a direct cause on huge earthquakes. NASA is also announcing abnormal activities several times already. The movements of various comets may influence the sun. It all depends of the solar activity.

     The ancient people had always worshipped the sun all over the world. I believe that the gratitude energy from the humans towards the sun is essential at this time. The lives of forty six hundred million years are condensed in our body. It is powerful enough to influence the sun. The Mayans worshipped the sun. The origin of Christianity worshipped the sun.

     Now is the time to send gratitude towards the sun from us humans. Are we so vulnerable? Is there nothing we could do about this universal scale phenomenon? I believe we can do something about it. Let us all send the magnetic-energy of gratitude and help save this civilization. The sun is alive and will receive and acknowledge our energy. 

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live