Saturday, May 14, 2011

Plasma-cluster effect

     Since two years ago, I have been recommending to the reader about using air purifier at home. This has been told to me as a revelation from my retainer god. Since, so many people had left comments on my blog to which air purifier they should buy, I went through different ones online and got a sense that the Sharp plasma-cluster air purifier is the best.
     I went on online to find some back up opinions to why the plasma type is the best.
1. The patients staying in private hospital rooms using plasma-cluster air purifier after surgery seems to have faster and better recovery, especially those who have lung disease (a comment from a doctor at a university hospital).
2. The kitchen at a large hotel changed their air conditioner to plasma-cluster type. Since then, the food seems to preserve better and longer. The results on the regular check-up for bacteria testing have improved. (hotel kitchen staff)
3. The maker does not advertise about the fact that plasma-cluster machines are showing very good results as medical treatments due to the enormous amount of money and time involved to be authorized as certified. (sales personnel)

      However, Sharp did not give up the research. On Nov. 2010 after ten years of monitoring 745 machines in hospitals on 3407 patients, the result came to 30% decrease on virus infection. another data shows that 95% of the new type of virus can be restraint. Moisturizing effect on human skin, disinfection effect, virus and odor control from pets are additional benefits. (
It is very quiet and costs only 4 yen per 24 hr).

      I feel that there are more benefits on this plasma-cluster products. I wish the maker would do a test on nuclear radiation. If this would neutralize the radiation it would be an uncountable great discovery. The government is doing a research on the plasma effect and radiation elimination but it has not yet reached to actualization. 

     This home use type of air purifier may not be so effective, but there is a logical theory to it. And I am using it to see how it will be effective.

     The US Air Force has announced making plasma weapons in 1990. At one point, a video was exposed on the internet using the plasma weapon to exterminate artificial objects (UFO?). 
It looked like they can target a very narrow and precise focal point. My idea is to use this weapon and broaden the focal point to a radius of 1km and emit to the nuclear power plant area. I think this might neutralize the nuclear atoms. Sounding like the anime Space Battleship Yamato

     Well in my opinion, whatever we imagine could manifest. So let us imagine a bright future !

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live