Friday, May 6, 2011

Brain cells and the stars

      The left photo shows one brain cell. The right photo shows the process of the formation of a star. They look much alike. It is said that there are over a hundred billion brain cells in one brain (I sense there are several times more than that).  Roughly speaking, I feel that one galaxy and one brain has the same number of stars and cells. One person’s brain is equivalent to one universe.  That means the population on Earth is about seven billion and each one of us influences one universe. Thus when the population on Earth starts to decrease, the expanding Universe will start to contract. Your life will influence the Universe. What do you think about that? Isn’t it a grand spectacle?

     So we shouldn’t stay in sorrow. If you stay in sadness, you will become a black hole and influence the people around you into the darkness. I sense that each and one of us is the ‘starting point’ of the Universe.

    I don’t believe in astrology. Astrology gives you a perspective of who you are and how your life will turn. But in fact, I think it is the other way around. The stars are affected by our brain. And the brain should be the directed by our heart (our innate god). The structure of the universe depends on our heart, our will.

    We should trust that at the end, the world would become a grand spectacular place. And in order to create that grandeur world, we must take care of the details in our daily lives.

Ps. I am concerned about the animals. Dogs and cats are living much closer to the ground, sniffing and licking things. The air of today is not very healthy for them too. There might be getting problems in lungs, blood circulation… tumor in thyroid gland or lymph. When these things start to happen, their lives will become a warning sign for us humans. I am giving my pet distilled water that helps circulations and EBIOS (based on brewer’s yeast) three tablets twice a day. This idea is based on the article I read on the National Institute of Radiological Sciences

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live