Friday, August 31, 2012

The Light Poles

     According to one of my blog reader, a thick light pole was witnessed around 8am on August 27th in the middle of the outer and inner shrine of Ise Jingu, The Grand Shrine of Ise. This photo was taken elsewhere (August 18th between Osaka and Kobe during a thunder lightening) but it looked just like this high from the sky all the way down to the ground. It was seen for over five minutes.

     The informer told me the thick light pole was seen over Yamatohime-no-miya of Ise Jingu for over five minutes. He is a family member of a Shinto priest and has lived in this area for a very long time.  So when he says it was over Yamatohime-no-miya, I could trust that his information is fairly accurate. It feels to me like it was a sign that Goddess Yamato has revived. The light poles that would stand on the grounds of Ise was one of the main theme when I started to write this blog. The things I had written in 2007 are now being witnessed in 2012. I have mixed feelings about the fact that the visions that came into my brain are now actually occurring in this dimension. I am not quite sure if I should be enjoying it or need to be concerned.

     In any case, the appearance of the light pole is a sign that the world is changing. The values in this material world are shifting to non-material. It’s becoming more about the heart. The good will would be valued more and more. Eventually we will see a world where people are helping each other. It may take centuries  to see the perfect world but even seeing 0.1% of the changes would give a huge impact to the humans. The new theories in the law of physics will be discovered and reexamined. We will see many changes towards the ultimate world peace.  And at the end, our future will be in an amazing place.

     The reason why I am putting up the series of words from my favorite ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi is because these ideas are necessary in order to manifest world peace. There will be no more war and the good willed intelligent people would come up with ideas to save humanity.

     “A savior” in my mind, is not one person but the intelligence or knowledge of gathered humans. When the China of today once again utilizes the knowledge of Laozi, they would become an amazing country. The Western countries could also learn so much from his words.

     The inner and outer shrines of Ise Jingu are bipolar. As Laozi talked about ying and yang and the Five Elements, I sense the same idea is functioning in these shrines. The outer shrine is connected to the North Star. I sense this shrine is the only sacred place that linked the North Star with accuracy.  In my knowledge the North Star(Polaris) = the heart of Laozi.   

    The first step for you is to see the goodness in your daily life and have the sense of gratitude. Have a bigger vision. This will help your area/community to become stable. It is full moon today. The gravity may start to influence us once again.  Take a deep breath and relax. Safe driving.  Raise awareness of disaster prevention.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

* Thank you for reading this blog. Next update will be after Septemer 9th.