Sunday, November 11, 2012

Accepting both the positive and the negative

    The national highway Route 41 that connects Nagoya city and Toyama city runs in a line crossing Japan from one west end to one east end. And the area around Route 41 has given birth to eight Nobel Prize winners in the field of natural science.
     This links to what I had written four years ago. The line that ties Mt.Haku (Hakusan) and Ise Jingu (The Grand Shrine of Ise) has a very strong special kind of vibrational energy. And it’s continuing to increase its power.  Mt.Haku is the ultimate point of ying energy. And Ise Jingu is the ultimate point of yang energy. Thus energetically just like the symbol of ying&yang can be seen in the middle of Japan.

    The important thing here is for everyone to start to see this idea within him/herself. Like the Chinese philosopher Lao-zi used to say, go the natural way. By doing so, you will be able to unite your ying&yang. When your two sides unite, you will become the pillar of light standing tall on your homeland.

     It may sound difficult to you. How could I unite my ying&yang energy? I am talking about the negative side and the positive side of oneself. The negative side is your negative emotions such as anxiety and sufferings. And at the same time, we all have our positive sides as well. If you try to eliminate one side, it doesn’t work well and life becomes stressful. The important thing is to accept both and have a good balance in life. And then your mind will start to circulate vitally. Like this symbol of ying&yang, your dark side also has it’s small bright part. Even things are going very well and looking bright, leave a small part with concern (the dark dot). By accepting both your bright side and your dark side, you are uniting yourself. And your spirit body will become a light pillar standing tall in your home ground. 

    The center of the ying&yang 
force would be in Japan on the line that connects Ise and Mt.Haku. And there will me more intelligence coming out from the people in this area. It is a miracle to have such power place at this time in Japan. There are many problems in Japan pilling up too. But this is just like this symbol. So don’t worry. It is all meant to be there. The personal concerns and the national concerns… it’s all part of the whole… like the small dot in the dark and the small dot in the white.

  Just take a deep breathe, relax and accept the wholeness of self.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live