Friday, May 22, 2015

The truth of the Law of Attraction

Those who have no sense of gratitude on the fundamental fact that we are led to live are dissatisfied about everything. He/she can "only see the pain" in everything they see, meet and all other daily life situations. 

When one is living such life, he/she is constantly unhappy, angry and full of worries. Therefore, 

* His/her health will become critical. 
* He/she does not realized how fortunate he/she is and abandons good luck.
* He/she will attract bad situations and bad luck.
* And those who are full of dissatisfaction and have no sense of gratitude will attract hardships in order to experience a cleanse. 

The energy that you emanate will always come back to you. This is a universal law. Therefore, in order to make correction and make improvements, one will be given (by oneself) hardships. 

If this cycle of corrections occurs not only to individuals but to the family units, companies, towns, cities, countries with many of these kind of people, what will happen to Earth?  It will be natural to think that a cleanse will occur with natural phenomenon and disasters for us to learn lessons. 
Everything occurs by you and the whole attracting a certain electro-magnetic energy (cause and result). It is essential to spread the energy of gratitude by yourself that you are led to live in your daily life, at work and even in public places in order to cleanse the negative magnetic energy that could attract an unwelcoming event. 

If there is a Shinto shrine (a gateway to greet mother nature), it is good to leave a thank you prayer there as well. The more people act on this, the more we will have good reflective reaction to our family, society, company, town, city, country and to Mother Earth. 

Everything happens from YOU. You may think, just one little me sending a gratitude prayer won't make any difference. But that is not true.  There is a Buddhist saying "一即多 多即一".  It means, in the Law of the Universe, one = numerous and numerous=one. One can influence the whole.

A big city, the populated area needs a lot of cleansing and needs more awareness of this law of attraction. If more than half of the population becomes aware and act on the gratitude prayer, things could change drastically. It means the bigger the city with many people, the bigger the power to make a change.   

Observe in a calm manner and have the disaster awareness when the temperature rises suddenly. The half tide days are watch out days. 

Lets do our best in our daily lives by having the sense of gratitude. Then we can pass through in a peaceful manner, living without any serious disasters. 

The measure of electrons above Earth(

May calendar with tides half tide=中潮  Two circles are big watch out days.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます