Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life is fair

      A celebrity was commenting, “It is true that life in unfair.”  The meaning of this phrase will have different responses depending on how one would comprehend. For those who believe that the life ends when you die, then life seems unfair. But I know as a fact that “life is fair and this is the absolute truth.”  

      In one day, there is the daytime and the nighttime. By having both sides, one day is complete. The daytime represents the visible side of life. The nighttime represents the invisible life after death. By experiencing both lives, the soul has completed one cycle.  Having said that, those who have only experienced the daytime would think life is unfair. It is natural that the story doesn't make sense if you had only seen the half of it. But don’t be deluded by it. If you could acknowledge that this life experience is only one half of the whole, I think you will feel much better and lead a better life. If you believe this life experience is everything, then you feel the unfairness, having regrets, complaints, dissatisfaction, selfishness, competition… all the actions and decisions far way from being in gratitude.

      Some scientist may ask me, please prove that there is a life after death. I would say that the fact you were born is a proof. Death and birth is basically the same thing. At the time of birth, zero turns into existence. And once again, when you die, you go back to the nothingness.

       In this world, everything has two sides and repeats itself. Izanigi and Izanami. Man and woman. Day and night. Our body has the right and the left side. In every aspect, there are symmetric points of view. Thus we have the time of life and we have the time of death. So be at comfort. All your sufferings and pains… nothing goes to waste. What matters is even when you are suffering, if you didn’t forget to be grateful for being alive that would make a difference in your life after death. Even in hardships, if you are able to be grateful for your life that will become a treasure for your soul. Just by realizing this fact, your life could turn into a better one during this lifetime. And of course, it will make a difference in your life after death as well.

   Even when you are not appreciated by your own family or being bullied at school, if you can still care for your ancestors and send gratitude, then you are a beautiful person. You are shinning bright when seen from the heavens. And you will have a good life after death shinning bright in the heavens.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

* Alert and preparation awareness is still on *