Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Words of Sri Ramana Maharshi

He was a true holy man who lived in south India from 1879.12.30 to 1950.4.14.  

The original "TALKS with Sri Ramana Maharshi"
(note: my English translation may not be the same as the original)

Maharshi was visited by an educated young man. 
The man questioned Maharshi.

"Why do you say that the heart is in the right? The biologists say the heart is in the left."

(Maharshi): You are absolutely correct. The physical organ is in the left.  I will not argue with that. But the heart that I am talking about is not the physical one and it only exists on the right side. This is based on my experience and there is no other explanation.

However you will be able to find proof in the original text of Ayurveda and The Upanishads. And Maharshi repeatedly read one phrase from each book.

(My thoughts)

When talking about spirituality, one must be careful how to use the word "heart." There are many meanings in this word. 

This young man is talking about the physical heart. And of course Maharshi knows the existence of the actual heart on the left side. But the heart Maharshi is referring to is the true heart, the innate god or the center of the divine. And this only exists on the right side.

Through my personal experience in this dimension, I sense the spirit body of the heart on the left side (but it is very close to the center of the body). Then as I move deeper into my senses, and I could feel the existence of the innate god on the right side about 3cm towards the right side of my body. Then further, I could see the ∞ shape rainbow color light moving in a circular cycle.   

This the picture of what it looks like looking from the front.

It is also important that the green light is seen at the center of the Möbius band. This is also known as the heart chakra.  

The left one (right on self ) is the innate god center and the shape is a hexagram. 
The right one (left on self) is the physical and spiritual center and the shape is a pentagram. 

In Kyoto the Kamigamo Jinjya(shrine), there is a two cone shape small mountains made out of sand. There are two mountains behind the main shrine and I believe they have transcribed the mountains onto the sand garden. But when you look at the ground you will see the circular movement described between the two corns.

You will find these two rising points and the middle point kind of shapes hidden i
n many ancient buildings around the world. This is the truth about the relationship between human and life. 

When you think about the nipples of the human breasts it is quite symbolic considering the location as well right above the heart. When the baby is drinking milk from her/his mother's breasts they drink it from both sides. They are not only drinking the milk but also consuming the spiritual energy from the left and the divine energy of the innate god from the right.

Women have bigger breasts than men. I think it may have to do with giving birth to a child. The women has more life/vital force than men in order to do so. Even when a man tries to surgically become a woman and take hormones it is still difficult to have the breast grow so big. Therefore, I think the women who have bigger breasts tends to have a bigger life/vital force. The vital energy force from within creates a specific image on the body. 

The important point of today is that there is the divine energy source on your right heart and the physical and spiritual energy source on your left heart. And know that every feeling and thoughts you have is recorded in your hearts. Send gratitude daily to both of your hearts. This would be a significant value to yourself.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live 

original Japanese blog article date 2013.7.15