Thursday, September 22, 2011

Change is inevitable

 (extractions from Sept.20~22)

     Typhoon and rain damages are getting worse all over the world. However, through my psychic knowledge, next year would be even more serious. Possibly rainfall over few hundred mm per hour may happen. This could be strong enough to breakdown roofs. The drainage system in the cities needs some urgent preparation for this. If you are planning to buy a house or move to a new location, make sure to be in a higher land and also check the drainage system of the area. It will help you protect your asset.
     Looking at the economy, the Euro looks suspicious. 
Through my psychic eyes, I see many scenes of the future. 
But the important thing is, which part of ME is looking at it?  It’s my innate god. My heart. This part of me is formless. And therefore, it’s not influenced by typhoons or currencies. The core part of self is absolute, steady and secure.

   This cloud (photo) was seen couple of days ago in Okayama Prefecture. A vertical cloud like this looking like a snake with scales is created by very strong geomagnetic waves right beneath this cloud.  From now on, not only the shorelines of the Pacific Ocean side, but the inner lands’ faults need observation. Whole Japan needs to take caution
 and watch out the crustal activity. People near Mt.Fuji should 
watch the water level and temperature of lake Nishiko. As I mentioned on my previous blog (date Sept.10th), September 26th and few days after is critical. Let us observe in a calm manner but be aware and prepared. 

    Make a habit to be cautious and prepared every Monday.  This will bring calmness and security.

    When the typhoon comes again, those who live near a river or in a lower land should be cautious. Great disasters from wind, water, fire have repeated itself numerous times in the history of Earth. It is a natural order. Humans have become so used to the convenient modern world and have forgotten the power of nature.  We must send gratitude to the nature gods and take precaution for our own sake.

     The inevitable truth is that “changes” are essential. The exciting part is that your thoughts and efforts can interfere with the Great Changes.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live