Friday, August 12, 2011


(wrote August 11th) 
     Spiritually, obon (celebration of ancestral spirits/once a year the ancestors come to greet the descendents around this time ) starts from today. The typical phenomenon is that the air becomes still and calm. I am sensing that today.

     Today is also just five months after the quake and tsunami disaster. Many people had passed away and this obon will be an important turning point for them as well. After the 16th, all the souls of these people will be placed to the right dimension/place.

     From the 11th to the 15th, the descendents are recommended to eat the foods they liked. They still might have desires of some sort remaining in their energy field. Appetite, sexual desire, things they want to say all kinds of different desires There are ancestors who are fulfilled and simply looking over you and protecting you. And there are those who still have regrets and desires. These ancestors would come to the descendent and try to fulfill their desire through the descendants body. 

    The true ancestral kuyō is about sending gratitude. We try to heal the ancestors who still need care by sending the gratitude energy.  And we send gratitude to the ancestors who are already fulfilled, simply protecting us and giving us guidance.
      This physical body that we are in, is simply a vehicle. It is only temporal for our DNA to nest. The DNA is the heritage from the long line of ancestors.  And the ancestral spiritual line is connected to the creator, the ultimate source. Thus sending gratitude energy to this long line of ancestors will connect us to the ultimate source.When we are able to send sincere thanks to our ancestors, we will become one with the nature, the kami. This is called kannagara. 

True ancestral kuyō  will reach kami as well.

     It is the same when you believe in Jesus. Jesus was also created by the creator, the ultimate source. 

There is a link between your ancestors→Christs body→ultimate creator.  The whole human race started from two human beings. We are all connected through our DNA. No matter what religion you believe in, the safest way to reach god is by sending gratitude to your ancestors.

    Our generations of Emperors have worshipped ancestral spirits since the beginning. And most of the nation followed the tradition. In Shintoism, ancestral worship was the original idea.

    The weekend is coming again. I shall continue to be cautious and send gratitude to my ancestors and kami.  I believe that the accumulation of gratitude energy will protect our country.

    Many riots are going on in different countries. We dont have that kind of problem here because the people are more calm and gentle in nature. But instead, we have severe natural phenomenon. But I believe that we are also protected by the kami. We will be fine. We will regrow. It is simply a time for us to think about the natural environment seriously and make changes in our lives. When we work on the changes and continue to send gratitude, we will be all right.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live