Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tracing the Three Stone Pillars

Where are the Three Stone Pillars on the ceremonial ground at the top of ancient Hakusan, now?. Where are they now? I did a reading on it. Before the attack from another tribe, some of the people escaped to Shamballa along with the priest. But there were some that received a mandate from the priest to bring the main pillar and one of the other pillars to Ise. The rest of the tribes scattered to different places all over Japan. The main pillar is now under the open ground of The Grand Shrine of Ise Gegu. This is where the new shrine will be built in 2012. The stone pillar is buried underground in the center as the divine pillar. The other pillar was transferred to the Continent of Mu, and was worshipped as a place for the sun god to reside. Just before the Continent of Mu sank, the priests of Mu delivered the pillar to Isobe-cho in Ise . That is now where Izawa-no-miya stands. The people of Isobe-cho are descendents of the people from the Continent of Mu. By the way, the third stone pillar was taken away by the other tribes to Mt.Pekuto, the sacred mountain of Korea.

When I was reading this part, all of a sudden my consciousness jumped to Isobe-cho of the 20th century. I started to see a man. He has deceased. He was a nameless man who practiced Shinto. He was actually sent from the World of Gods as a kamibito. He embodied the soul of the ninth rank of the Kishin Seijin Kai* of Susanoo line. The ninth rank is the highest rank that can incarnate into a physical body. This person has saved the nation in crisis several times from behind the scenes. The fact that the Imperial Family was able to remain in its position even after the war had to do with his hidden effort. This person had been bestowed a spiritual “Divine Sword” from the World of Gods. It seems that by using this spiritual treasure, he pursued his duties to protect the Spirit of Japan. There seems to be a person at this present time who has inherited this “Divine Sword”. Guess where this person is now?

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

*Seijin Kai 正神界: The World of Righteous God
* Kishin 鬼神:Direct translation wil be ogre or demonic god. Kishin is one type of god in the order of Seijin Kai.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shamballa Tribes

This morning, I was driving my car to go to work. It was a nice sunny day. Just when I started to feel something was different from an ordinary day, I saw a belt of light coming up from the ground. It was going up and down as it was scanning the pedestrians. It looked like it was examining a patient. This light belt scanned through me as well on that same day. The light was coming from the ground and not from the sky. It felt like it was checking the soul’s history and the current status of consciousness. It felt like it said, “I’ll be back”. Then a vision came into my mind.. ancient Hakusan. In this vision of the ancient time at Hakusan, there was a ceremonial ground. This ground constitutes the heart and soul of Japan. The scene was people worshipping the highest god of the World of God, Amenominakanushi-no-kami. Two stone pillars were standing and a woven rope made out of tree bark was tied up in between.

Then one more pillar stood behind the two. From that place looking towards the Japan Sea, Noto peninsula was larger than that of today. It was further out almost reaching close to Korea and China. The priest of this ceremonial ground was a Reijin* . The priest and the tribe of this Hakusan Kingdom sensed the coming of a sudden attack from another tribe, and escaped into the underground tunnel to another dimension, to the phantasmal “Shamballa”.

After the earthquake in Noto peninsula, “the blood stream” has started to flow again between Ise and Hakusan. This line is the main artery of the original divine spiritual body of the chain of islands of Japan. The blood stream will eventually run through the entire body, the whole of Japan. This means the origin god of Japan, Kunitokotachi-Okami, will wake up and start to move.

I sense that the tribes in Shamballa are searching for the right people to be riding the dragon shape body of Kunitokotachi-Ōkami. They are looking for the people who care for the things that are taken for granted and, who have the sense of gratitude. Half of 2007 has ended. The other half seems to be like the closer time of the long long journey of the human souls. From 2008, turbulent times will come.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Reijin 霊人: During this time (apprx. 300,000 yrs ago), humans were all half spirit half physical and transparent. The spirit part was the main function. The one’s that shine brighter than others were selected to become priests.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hakusan (Mt.Haku)

There are many Hakusan Shrines all over Japan, the highest number of shrines with the same name. No one knows why there are so many. It is indeed strange. There is a secret god who was concealed in the past. Geographically, the line between Hakusan and Ise is a key that plays an important role. It also has to do with the sun worship traditon.

My special mountain is Hakusan. I could see the Light Pillar towards the heaven not from the shrine but from the top of this mountain. I saw it from the Noumi plane. It is very rare to see the pillar at this location. The color is white and the size of the pillar is gigantic. I sense that this Ise-Hakusan line holds the key on earth.

Q.. Who is the secret god of Hakusan Shrine? And who concealed this god? Please tell me.
A.. The secret god is Kukuri-hime-kami. She is the god who can re-fasten the loosened human souls. This goddess is able to influence your helical DNA structure. When she is concealed, the human hoops are loosened, and wars and crimes are created.

I sensed that, in ancient times, a very important being was worshipped at the top of Hakusan. It had to do with sun worship. A kingdom existed around this area and Hakusan was the center of it.

When you visit the Hakusan Hime Shrine and Ise Gegū, you will be receiving the active vibration of the sun. The light pillar will also be rising at the top of the Hakusan, so if possible, go to the entrance of the trail and spend a few hours and then go to Ise. This would be the ideal trip. If that sounds a little too much, Hakusan Hime Shrine is an easier access. Heizenji-Hakusan Shrine in Fukui Prefecture is also acceptable. The distance between Hakusan and Ise is about 100km (62.5miles). Take the train or a car.

Hakusan Hime Shrine worships Kukuri-Hime-Kami. The hidden god is worshipped. In ancient times, it was most actively worshipped, but some powerful force arrived and sealed her. The number of shrines that worship her is the largest in Japan and yet her legend has disappeared.

Q.. For this powerful force, Kukuri Hime, who re-fastens the human souls, was inconvenient. What was the force?
A.. I sense there is an archetype of this force in very ancient time. This force is transferring the same concealing incident into this dimension over and over again. I am trying to identify the age of this occurrence but the scenery looks very different. There are two moons in the sky and the air feels different from the present. Yet the stage is certainly still the same as where Hakusan is located today. It is probably the time of creation or the era of gods. This is what I can see.

Q.. Where is Hakusan connected to?
A.. To the reverse side of the universe.

Q.. What is the definition of the reverse side of the universe?
A.. In this universe, I feel there is a law of “two factors constructing one” in the order of nature. To begin with, there exists the front side and the reverse side of the universe. I sense these two giant universes are connected at one apex point. One star will be positioned at the similar location on both universes. There is a somewhat parallel or symmetrical order that takes place. When I saw this through my spiritual vision, it reminded me of something that looks very similar.

It is the human brain. The front universe is the left brain, and the reverse universe is the right brain. Maybe the human brain is actually the miniature copy of the configuration of our universe. Each of the nerve cells in our brain could be a star in the universe. The understanding of the cosmos in Japanese esoteric Buddhism is described as “The Mandala of the Two Worlds”, the Taizō-kai - Womb World and the Kongō-kai - Diamond World. The number of cerebral nerve cells that increase and decrease from our time of birth to the time of death, and the movement in the space between the beginning and ending of the universe may well have a correlation. Scientific research on the brain may be the way to find out about the moving pattern of the universe. If there already exists this sort of theory please let me know.

Right after this reading, the Divine Spirit told me something interesting. “When the fixed star shines white in the evening sky it means one sun’s life has ended. As a reward for its completion, an offshoot of the sun descending to this dimension and is born as a human. It is true, from this sense, that humans carry Amaterasu-Ohomikami in their own Innate God. In a very rare case, when one human being is able to embody Amaterasu-Ohomikami during his or her life time, at his or her death one fixed star will actually explode and disappear.”

When a great person dies, newspapers would often describe, “a giant star has fallen” as a metaphor. It seems like this is actually true. I asked the Divine Spirit, if there was any person during my lifetime who had manifested an explosion of a fixed star. In the 20th century, there was one in the Japanese industrial field, and also one in the religious field. I will write more later.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Naigū is most famous at The Grand Shrine of Ise, but for me I only sense the emperor’s ancestral spirits. Driving half an hour from Naigū along the beach side, there is another shrine called Izawa-no miya. When I was drawn to go there, I was blessed to witness the Nichirin -Circle of Light of Amaterasu-Ohomikami. This was quite difficult for me to understand. The color was orangish-red. This shrine is located in a very unique place. The land is like a shape of a Kofun, the ancient Japanese keyhole shaped tomb mound, very old place.

Izawa-no miya is the only place I witnessed the Circle of Light of Amaterasu-Ohomikami. What I sensed then was that it came from the Continent of Mu, from easily over 15,000 years ago.

Today, this shrine, Izawa-no miya is still connected to the core of Amaterasu-Ohomikami.
Gegū is like the parent and Izawa-no miya is like the child.

The divine spirit Amaterasu-Ohomikami still resides at Izawa-no miya. This place is a miracle. According to my spiritual senses, it is older than Naigū. Moreover, the appearance of Amaterasu-Ohomikami is at the highest level, the tenth level.

However, please do visit the Gegū first. This is where it connects to the No Name – the Root, a most rare sacred place on earth.

When I witnessed the tenth level of Amaterasu-Ohomikami, it was an orangish-red Circle of Light with a flickering outer rim. What I sensed through that light was simply “a motherly affection”.

Izawa-no-miya is also known as Izou-gū.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live