Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tracing the Three Stone Pillars

Where are the Three Stone Pillars on the ceremonial ground at the top of ancient Hakusan, now?. Where are they now? I did a reading on it. Before the attack from another tribe, some of the people escaped to Shamballa along with the priest. But there were some that received a mandate from the priest to bring the main pillar and one of the other pillars to Ise. The rest of the tribes scattered to different places all over Japan. The main pillar is now under the open ground of The Grand Shrine of Ise Gegu. This is where the new shrine will be built in 2012. The stone pillar is buried underground in the center as the divine pillar. The other pillar was transferred to the Continent of Mu, and was worshipped as a place for the sun god to reside. Just before the Continent of Mu sank, the priests of Mu delivered the pillar to Isobe-cho in Ise . That is now where Izawa-no-miya stands. The people of Isobe-cho are descendents of the people from the Continent of Mu. By the way, the third stone pillar was taken away by the other tribes to Mt.Pekuto, the sacred mountain of Korea.

When I was reading this part, all of a sudden my consciousness jumped to Isobe-cho of the 20th century. I started to see a man. He has deceased. He was a nameless man who practiced Shinto. He was actually sent from the World of Gods as a kamibito. He embodied the soul of the ninth rank of the Kishin Seijin Kai* of Susanoo line. The ninth rank is the highest rank that can incarnate into a physical body. This person has saved the nation in crisis several times from behind the scenes. The fact that the Imperial Family was able to remain in its position even after the war had to do with his hidden effort. This person had been bestowed a spiritual “Divine Sword” from the World of Gods. It seems that by using this spiritual treasure, he pursued his duties to protect the Spirit of Japan. There seems to be a person at this present time who has inherited this “Divine Sword”. Guess where this person is now?

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

*Seijin Kai 正神界: The World of Righteous God
* Kishin 鬼神:Direct translation wil be ogre or demonic god. Kishin is one type of god in the order of Seijin Kai.

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