Monday, September 15, 2008


From the blog written last year, I have mentioned about the process we will be experiencing towards The Days of Miroku.

• Time will pass faster
• World map will change due to the rising of sea level
• Decrease in the amount of food consumption.
• The power of the kotodama “Ikashite -itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu(Thank you for letting us live)” that effects the all mighty will be revealed.
• The average temperature will be around 20℃(68°F) all year around after the shift.
•The influence from the sun radiation.

The electro-magnetic waves from the sun are getting stronger, thus it is like the earth being in a microwave oven. It is heated from the inside. The ice of the North Pole and the South Pole is melting not from the surface but from below.

On the surface, it is simply electro-magnetic waves but there is also the spiritual energy of the sun that is getting stronger. This will change the whole structure of earth from the basis. There will be a big revolution in the environment, geological features, weather, temperature.

The melting of the ice will create cold summers, and sudden high rise of temperature. The four seasons is ignored and temperature will fluctuate in both extreme. The heat increase from the inside will cause volcanic eruption.


This August of 2008, the occurrence of sunspot was zero. The media had announced that this had never happened in the past 100 years.

Henrik Svensmark , a physicist at the Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen who studies the effects of cosmic rays on cloud, explains this phenomenon as a decrease of sun activity. ⇒decrease of the magnetic activity of the sun. ⇒ This causes increase of cosmic rays to reach earth. ⇒ create more clouds that will protect the earth from harmful radiation. ⇒ More clouds create more rain, but less clouds means more harmful radiation that could be fatal to humanity ⇒ The increase of clouds will bring less sun light to earth ⇒ creates a fall in temperature (mini-ice age).

In Hokkaido (northern island), this summer they recorded the lowest temperature in 115 years. Mt.Fuji had its first snow fall on August 9th, the earliest snow fall recorded in 94 years. These are evidences to the fall of temperature related to the decrease of sunspot occurrence. But on the other hand, NASA is reporting that the sun activity is entering the active 24th cycle, and the magnetic energy of this term may influence humanity in a way we have never experienced before. They are also predicting the global warming in this cycle. The scientist’s opinions seem to be different. Most of them are predicting global warming and some are predicting the opposite. In my psychic vision, the future, The Days of Miroku, is stabilized around average 20 °C all year around. This vision is about what happens after the shift of earth and human evolution. But according to my god spirit, we are already moving toward that world.

As my god explains, the temperature will fluctuate in both extremes. Giving an extreme example, an average of 20 °C could mean, 15 days of 40°C and 15 days of 0°C in one month. My god explains the fluctuation of temperature in both extreme will repeat its cycle. If this is really going to continue, there will be a big influence to our lives on this planet. This short term fluctuation of temperature is already happening. But according to the revelation I received, “this will actually start happening from June 2009(Heisei 21 in Japanese calendar)”, if our consciousness did not change by then. Last year, I received a revelation that “the consciousness of Japan on September 18th 2008(Heisei 20) will become the basic consciousness that will be transferred to the future of earth. If the 18th of this month, is a peaceful one, the future of our world will be peaceful. If by the 18th some problem occurs and the nation is in a negative emotional condition, that condition will be transferred to the world. I believe that it will be all right, since the awareness of gratitude is spreading more than at the time I had received this revelation. We can change the future. I was not permitted to talk about “dates” given by my kenzoku-shin, retainer god. But this time, he gave me the permission to write but only once.

When problems occur, people tend to blame it on the government or others. This means that these people have the tendency to depend on them. Instead, we need to depend on our Innate God. The purpose of our life is to make an effort in nurturing your own goodness/righteousness within, trusting your gut feeling.

You don’t even have to believe in what I say. Just sense it and make your own decision.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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