Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Big Cross Apocalypse

(written March 23rd)

     I left a comment yesterday about being watchful from Chiba shoreline and inwards, also from Tokyo shoreline towards Saitama area as the geo-magnetic current is moving in that direction. This morning, as I predicted there was a slight quake from the shoreline towards Saitama. As you can see in the above photo, on the left bottom a white head that is Mt.Fuji.  And the X mark is the center point of the quake which locates at the south area of Saitama. If you make a line between Mt.Fuji and the quake center point, you will find Machida-city, Tokyo where the small earthquake occurred. It happened in between this line. And when you extend this line to the south, you will find Tanabe-city, Wakayama. And to the opposite direction, there is Mito-city Ibaragi. I’m trying to say that this line from Tanabe-city to Mito-city and all the areas out towards the Pacific Ocean side needs to be cautious from now on. The other big line is from Hawaiian Islands – Miyake Island – Mt.Fuji – Nagano – Mt. Hakuto (located in between China and North Korea) . I am sensing the magma activity under this line. These two long lines create a big cross having Mt.Fuji as the center point. 
      At this time, I am sensing that the earth dragon movement is activated in this area creating a big cross. The area close to this line, Mt.Fuji ~ Nagano may have earthquakes and volcanic activity. And the biggest concern is Mt.Hakuto. At the same time, I am sensing some distinctive magnetic energy force may be born in this area. This new energy  could possibly be used to restore life forces. Like the Tamagawa onsen (natural hot spring) in Tohoku district, this magnetic field may help cure human body.  You may call it the geo-magnetic energy treatment.  

     So having said that, not everything that is occurring now is bad news. There is no day without a dawn. The sun will always rise after the dark night. There could be a useful by-product that we never expected. From the universe in my brain, at this moment, the big cross with Mt.Fuji in the center seems to be shinning stronger than the Ise-Hakusun line.  Be cautious, but at the same time, lets have great expectations to this shinning phenomenal big cross. The resurrection of Christ predicted in the Bible, the cross that he left in the memory of humanity actually signifies this big cross that crosses in the center of Japan. The big cross just so happened to be covering the whole land of Japan at this period on Earth. The light shall be dispatched from the East.

the cross 

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Beating of a New Era

    Looking at the gravity pull towards Earth from the placement of the 
planets, this year’s spring equinox March 20th will be different than the average year. It feels like it will be a special and sacred turning point.

    The influence will start from the 19th. From the 20th, the daytime will become longer than the nighttime. This also signifies that the dark side in many ways will start to decrease. 1. The hidden dark side of the society will start to reveal itself. Big news may start to come out. 2. The light side will start to increase in individuals and the dark side will decrease. Take care of your good will, you innate god.  This is a priority.  3. The chain of this planet will be unchained. The liberation of the mother earth will start. Meaning volcanos will be activated and earthquakes may occur frequently.

    It’s a starting point in many ways. Starting from tomorrow towards next year, I feel the changes may escalate. No.1 & 3 may scare you. But the most important thing is No.2 and this will save you. No.1 & 3 is only a passing scenery. But No.2 is where it really makes a difference. Physically we will all die at some point. And while we are alive, we should not allow our heart, our innate god to get hurt. Even passing through tough times because of what may happen in the world, what may happen at work, we cannot allow our good will (heart) to be dragged into the stress, worries and fears. We have to stay strong and keep the light in our hearts.  If you don’t do it consciously, if you are not aware of it, you will get dragged down with the drama happening outside of self.

     Getting dragged down will the biggest mistake in terms of karma. No matter what you are seeing in front of you, what scenes may pass, you have to keep the inner calm. If you can do this, you will be all right. Amida Nyorai’s (
) original vow was about the inner god in each of us will, at the end, save each soul. This time has come. The true savior of humanity is inside ourselves. It is our heart. It will be our greatest challenge.  If you are already living your life based on your good will, you will be feeling greater peace and stability in your environment. No matter, what we experience it is all about your own choice. Will you choose to be dragged down and experience drama and negative emotions such as stress, worry and fear? Or will you choose calmness, peace and joy? When enough people start to choose the goodness in one’s heart, our world will become a wonderful place. 

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live