Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The True Shortcut to a Good Life

Sri Ramana Maharshi is a true saint of modern India.
I feel that there are no other saints who surpasses him in the last 1000 years. The Earth exists inside his eyes. 

  He spent his life without clothes in a sacred mountain called Arunachala, one of the shaivite holy places. (Lord Shiva of India = Susanoo in Japan) in the right heart of Sri Ramana Maharshi,  the energy of Susanoo still throbs in his heart beat.   

  His words can be related to all human beings around the world. 

(1) All unhappiness comes from your ego (selfishness). The hardships are pulled towards you through a magnetic resonance with your ego.

(2) The true reason of your unhappiness comes from inside of self. But you want to blame it to others or think that is was a matter or coincidence. What good does that do to you ? 

(3) When you are able to self-examine your ego and burn it away by ignoring them, you are able to become truly free. 

 If you allow yourself to become selfish, it will bound you in many ways. And by wanting to fulfill one's desire somehow, it will throw you into a vain struggle. 

(4) Instead, when you can think that you want to become who you really are, your true-self (Innate God), it will put you back into calmness (the Middle Way). This is the only way you will reach the eternal happiness that already exist inside of self.

  The above is what Sri Ramana Maharshi had said and I have interpreted it with my own understanding. And it made me feel so comfortable and pleasant. In all the edges of the words, I feel the presence of the divine energy. The Truth is never difficult or complicated. It is simply comfortable and pleasant. 


  I will put these words again in another phrase.

According to the content of the selfish desires, the equivalent unhappiness will be attracted into one's life. 

The cause of one's unhappiness does not come from the outside, but already existed within oneself.

Therefore, before anything bad happens, ask yourself, "What are my selfish desires?," "Am I being fair?," "Am I in the Middle Way?"  Be a calm observant in your daily life.  

Even though you might think that you are an unworthy person, it's good to have the desire to feel and live together with the god that already exists inside of you.  This sense of desire will lead you to true happiness that never fades away. And this way is the only way to do it.  

    People who are really suffering in life and have no sense of hope would think more seriously about life. In a sense, they may constantly be aware of death. These people are actually experiencing a valuable time as trainer of life. Bad times will never last forever. It is possible that you may save a lot of virtuous energy during this time that will lead you to a great future.  

   Those who are having an easy life tend to forget to think seriously about life. He/she will forget that death will come one day to all. For these kind of people, the savings of virtue will eventually die out. He/she must no forget that life goes on even after that. 

  Some people are having good satisfying lives, yet stay in the Middle Way. Their lives could be full of opportunities to temptations yet remaining humble and watchful of their own desires. These people would gain more and more savings of virtue. 

   No matter what kind of life you are having, the most important thing that nourishes your soul is your thought of wanting to be in oneness with your divine self that resides within yourself. 

   To live based on your conscience would be the same meaning.

   There is no point in rushing anything. Simply live by following your conscience(Innate God). Things will start to change most definitely.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

I am grateful to be led to live this life

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

original Japanese blog written:  2015-11-10 11:49:24