Thursday, March 4, 2010

Remembering your loved one

One day, one of my relative came to see me. She said she had some discomfort in her throat. She was concerned maybe it could be cancer.

I diagnosed her with my psychic vision. It was not a sickness. What came to me was her mother who died ten years ago. When her mother was in the hospital, she choked herself and couldnt breathe. She died quietly while no one noticed her condition.

I asked her if it was her mothers birthday or death day. She said it was her birthday and suddenly she looked stunned. She said that her mother hadnt been in her mind for a while. I told her, She doesnt have a physical body anymore so she is not suffering. Shes all right. Just think of her once in a while. That will heal her.

Next morning, her feeling of discomfort in her throat had disappeared. She was happy about it.

This incident made me reassure how strong peoples feeling remains in a living close relative. This woman died in her 50s, still young and had remaining concerns about her family. 

This was a reaffirmation for me that days such as a birthday, a death day, or some memorial day is the only time when the lost souls could come and contact the livings (usually a close family member) to try and send their feelings toward them.

 This mother had come to her daughter. She had other children (boys) but they were not doing the ancestral kuyō, so she couldn't reach them.

On the other hand, the daughter was working on her three incense ancestral kuyō. So even she was married and her tanzaku was on her husbands last name, her third incense for the others enabled her mother to come to her for help.  She was very much a mommys girl, so she was happy that her mother came to her.

There is a Universal Law that what you do comes back to you.  This daughter has healed her mother. This will bring good fortune to her.

I didn't know that even a birthday could be a day for the diseased to visit their loved one. Any memorial day related to the diseased is a good day to send him/her a special gratitude. Your thoughts toward him/her will be reached. Lets think of them once in a while. It will be a great comfort.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Over eating and poor eating

Uncontrollable habits of overeating and poor eating often have a lot to do with ones mental condition. The scientists might explain that the stress you carry affects your hormone secretion and the satiety center of the brain.

However, from a spiritual point of view, there are some cases that you are forced to eat by the spirit who is possessing you.

If you feel this might be your case :
1. Before you start your meal say, all of my ancestral spirits, let us share and eat this food together.  Also say itadaikimasu (thank you for this food) aloud. This is a Jingi(仁義), benevolence and righteousness or integrity toward the spirit. It will be a Harai (cleansing) to cut off the wrong connection.

In many religions, there is a prayer before every meal. This has a true spiritual meaning. By saying a prayer, you would be eating only the right amount.  The amount you eat would differ when you say a prayer or not. At the time when food was very precious, prayer was a must.

Saying itadakimasu (thank you for this food) aloud would make you really appreciate the food and make you eat with proper behavior unlike a beast. You would eat less or the right amount.

2.  Another way is to imagine your steaming favorite dish while you are working on the daily gratitude sending to your ancestral spirits. For the spirits, this is appreciated much more than actual food offerings.  This in fact depends of the level of the spirits. The lost souls that are in the lowest level in the World of Spirits would prefer real food offerings. But it is not good to be so enthusiastic about these spirits. It is best to offer food only on some special memorial days few times a year.

Toward the spirits, a good image needs to be offered. Towards the people alive, the actual act of goodness is effective. We need to offer something that cannot be seen to the unseen and offer an act to those that can be seen.

We took the trouble to come to this World of Reality to experience the uncomfortableness. Watch out for those who are making money out of the teachings from other dimensions. They are far from enlightenment.

The enlightenment only comes from living the daily lives in an ordinary fashion. Dont attempt to runaway from the ordinary.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live