Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Secret of Hakusan Part 2

I sensed The Eleven Headed Kannon Bosatsu in Hakusan. He was a Buddhist and that is why he expressed the divine energy form as Kannon Bosatsu. Why was it The Eleven Headed Kannon out of all the Kannon figures? And why was it a Kannon Bosatsu, rather a lower ranked figure and not the higher figure or state such as a Nyorai? With his excellent psychic ability, he couldn’t have mistaken from one to the other.

The secret lies in the number eleven. Number 11 signifies infinity. It means that it includes all the Kannon states or figures and all of the other spirits in existence. The fact that it is a Bosatsu, signifies that this divine spirit is not a spirit that is looking down from a higher place in idleness but she uses her power practically in this realm of reality. Taicho Daishi witnessed, in Hakusan, the root of all gods who uses her power practically in this realm of reality. This is why he expressed the spirit as “The Eleven Headed Kannon”. Taicho Daishi had no interest in attaining eminence. He enjoyed being in the crowd using his gift to heal the people. He didn’t even think of establishing a sect. But the people recognized his great power and the rumor took off which eventually reached to the Emperor’s ears and received in audience by His Majesty. It was quite common for a founder of a sect to be recognized by a man with power and attain support to establish his own sect. However, Taicho Daishi was the only one who received patronage by the Emperor.

The origin of all gods in the world of Japanese Shinto would be 天之御中主神, Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami. In the understanding of the ancient Shinto, the universe started from the World of Gods called 高天原, Taka-ama-hara. The first god to appear on Takaamahara was Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami. 

It will not be a mistake to say that the No Name God, the Root God is the same as Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami. It is the god (energy) that is stationed at the center of the universe. God Ōkunitokotachi-Ōkami is the one who materialized the planet earth with his own spiritual vibrational energy when it was still a molten lava. Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami is the parent of Ōkunitokotachi-Ookami and one could see the figure of this Root God in the sky. It appears in front of us as the North Star. The shift of the North Star means the shift of the universe emerging from the Root. Ōkunitokotachi-Ōkami who created earth has eight children gods. The eight stars surrounding the North Star is the children gods – the Bid Dipper (seven stars) plus a companion star Alcor. These eight star plus the North Star makes nine stars. These nine stars represent the whole universe that brings practical power to our planet. In Japan, these nine stars are worshipped on the Emperor’s enthronement ceremony, Ōnie-no-matsuri, which explains how important these stars are.

The Goddess of Hakusan, Kukuri-hime-Ōkami is the one to “Kukuri- bring together” these nine stars. (Ku also means Nine. Kuri has a meaning to gather). The one to bring together the whole universe happens to be a Hime, a female. This signifies that this chaotic world can only be brought to peace when a female becomes the leader. Like Queen Himiko who governed the Taikoku of Japan in the ancient times.

In the Japanese mythology when the couple (to become parents of Amaterasu-Ohomikami) was fighting at the Yomo-Hirosaka, Goddess Kukuri-hime comes and say “Your future chidren is waiting.”(meaning there is no time for fighting).

All men with power and money, they all know that they will eventually die naked. When we think of the future for our children, deep inside, we all know what we must do NOW.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

The Secret of Hakusan (Mt.Haku) part 1

The sacred mountain Hakusan was the first land that was born which later expanded to become the Chain of Islands of Japan. The original energy form of earth god is Ōkunitokotachi-Ōkami. After he created the whole landscape of this planet earth, he rested on the area where it is now called Hakusan. From there the Chain of Islands of Japan arose and expanded. In the beginning, it was a very different shape from what we see today.

Hakusan arose and the land was created around the mountain all the way to Ise spreading long and narrow to the other end that went very close to the Chinese Continent. Hakusan was three times taller at this time than what it is today. But size of the skirt of the mountain is almost the same as today.This land is directly connected to the chain of mountains, the key line that I have been talking about between Ise and Hakusan, is the center of Honshu (the main continent of Japan).

One side of the skirt spreads all the way very close to the Chinese Continent. Eventually through numerous events of land shifts, the long and narrow land made a right turn and stabled itself to what we see today as the Chain of Islands of Japan. It settled in a shape of a giant dragon that represents the energy form of the god of earth, Ōkunitokotachi-Ōkami.

The god who resides on Hakusan that is the origin of Japan is called Hakusan Kukuri-hime-Ōkami. She rarely appears in any of the mythologies that has been passed on. A very mysterious goddess. She had been intentionally hidden by Amatsu-Kami who created the Japanese culture. But the word “Kukuru”, this ancient word vibrational energy, was left for us to “know” from her name. “Kukuru” comes from “Kukuri-hime”. Hime means goddess or princess , female or hidden, secret. Kukuri or Kukuru means “to gather, or bring together, bind, bundle”.

This secret tells us that Kukuri-hime is NOT the only true god that exists. But it is true that Amaterasu-Ohomikami is the most important god at this epoch of today. And it is also important to know that they are Goddesses.

The secret of Hakusan can also be understood through the works of Taicho-Daishi. I sense that he possessed the greatest psychic ability of all times in the Japanese history, who was able to connect with the sources of The World of Gods.

He was the man who opened Hakusan. When I say “he opened,” it means that he was the first man to train Shugendo in this mountain. He prayed to the god of Hakusan and established Buddhism on this ground. He sensed the Eleven Headed Kannon Bosatsu in Hakusan. The divine vibrational energy level of this Bosatsu is 11. It is the same level as Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami, the highest level that could be perceived by a human being. The true identity of the Eleven Headed Kannon Bosatsu is one form of Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami. The reason why the supreme god appeared in a Bosatsu figure is because it was a severely difficult time for the Japanese people and the god decided to show them a figure through the popular religion at that time to help ease the pain. Therefore the Eleven Headed Kannon Bosatsu of Japan and India has a totally different significance and the level of vibrational energy is also different.

Another story is that in the very ancient times, Hakusan was the center ground of Japan to hold spiritual ceremonies. The supreme god, Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami was worshiped at this sacred ground. However, when the conquerors arrived to this place, they destroyed and closed the place. Until the arrival of Taicho-Daishi, it was a place of taboo. A strong fate of this place can be preceived.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Path to reach the heart of god

There are numerous religions and methods that have been introduced to the world from the ancient times. Most of those teachings were about believing in a savior outside of yourself and not inside your heart. When you believe in something outside of yourself, there are many risks and dangers that come along with it. People spend a lot of time, money and efforts for a long time only to realize one day, is this really the right way to live? Why am I still unfulfilled? Even if you are happy with the religion you believe in, the future is uncertain. What will come at the end? Are you sure your will reach the righteous god? All religion will say beautiful things. But in truth, when you rely on anything outside of yourself, it is a gamble.

Then what belief would bring you safely to the righteous god without any risk? It is the path from your innate god through the pipeline of your ancestors. Only from your innate god, would you reach the Root, the origin of all things. When you trust your innate god, you will start to sense the greater god rather than the god created by humans. When you start to sense that, you will finally feel the absolute comfort being in the realm of reality.

When you worship your ancestral spirits with gratitude, the pipeline that reaches to the Root source will be cleared. You will start to feel grounded in a true sense. You will start to encounter numerous moments in gratefulness. Maybe those things were already there and you are simply starting to realize it. You will start to “know” the true meaning of happiness.

When you continue the gratitude sending to your ancestors, you will naturally start to sense your personal god within. Then you might find another god related to your innate god who has been supporting you. Your direct communication with god(s) will start.

Seek a god within yourself and simply send gratitude to an outer god. Worshiping your ancestral spirits with gratitude is the fasted way to become one with god. Your strongest influence comes from your direct ancestral line. And ascending that stream is the only way to reach the state of god.

The oldest spiritual essence used in the very ancient times is “gratitude” and “yorishiro – 寄り代”(a place for the spirits to reside).The path that I am introducing here includes these essences.
“Yorishiro” is a hidden technique that is the basic secret source in ancient Shinto (Ko-Shinto).

Ancestral worship using tanzaku as a “yorishiro” will actually reach your ancestral spirits. It has a very strong practical power. It is most powerful because you are reaching the spirits who has the strongest fate with you. The occultic rituals created in the past few hundred years are very immature and in no comparison.

If you feel offended or feel fearful to this simple act of ancestral worship with gratitude, please don’t do it at all.

For those who have a strong belief of other ideas or are deeply influenced by the World of Ghosts, will not agree to what I am saying. If you could simply send gratitude to all the daily matters that occur in life, that would be good enough.

Most people will not feel anything and are able to continue with a warm heart. However, in the process, some of you might feel uncomfortableness. That is due to the ancestors’ or your spiritual dust that you are carrying. If you continue with compassion to your ancestors, it will eventually fade away. This process is necessary to prepare yourself to be “baptised” by the spiritual radiation from the sun.

The spiritual radiation from the sun is getting stronger. From now on, human will be divided into two ways. Those who become younger at heart and those who become mentally disordered. Financial wealth has nothing to do with it.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live