Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Secret of Hakusan Part 2

I sensed The Eleven Headed Kannon Bosatsu in Hakusan. He was a Buddhist and that is why he expressed the divine energy form as Kannon Bosatsu. Why was it The Eleven Headed Kannon out of all the Kannon figures? And why was it a Kannon Bosatsu, rather a lower ranked figure and not the higher figure or state such as a Nyorai? With his excellent psychic ability, he couldn’t have mistaken from one to the other.

The secret lies in the number eleven. Number 11 signifies infinity. It means that it includes all the Kannon states or figures and all of the other spirits in existence. The fact that it is a Bosatsu, signifies that this divine spirit is not a spirit that is looking down from a higher place in idleness but she uses her power practically in this realm of reality. Taicho Daishi witnessed, in Hakusan, the root of all gods who uses her power practically in this realm of reality. This is why he expressed the spirit as “The Eleven Headed Kannon”. Taicho Daishi had no interest in attaining eminence. He enjoyed being in the crowd using his gift to heal the people. He didn’t even think of establishing a sect. But the people recognized his great power and the rumor took off which eventually reached to the Emperor’s ears and received in audience by His Majesty. It was quite common for a founder of a sect to be recognized by a man with power and attain support to establish his own sect. However, Taicho Daishi was the only one who received patronage by the Emperor.

The origin of all gods in the world of Japanese Shinto would be 天之御中主神, Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami. In the understanding of the ancient Shinto, the universe started from the World of Gods called 高天原, Taka-ama-hara. The first god to appear on Takaamahara was Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami. 

It will not be a mistake to say that the No Name God, the Root God is the same as Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami. It is the god (energy) that is stationed at the center of the universe. God Ōkunitokotachi-Ōkami is the one who materialized the planet earth with his own spiritual vibrational energy when it was still a molten lava. Amanomeminakanushi-no- Kami is the parent of Ōkunitokotachi-Ookami and one could see the figure of this Root God in the sky. It appears in front of us as the North Star. The shift of the North Star means the shift of the universe emerging from the Root. Ōkunitokotachi-Ōkami who created earth has eight children gods. The eight stars surrounding the North Star is the children gods – the Bid Dipper (seven stars) plus a companion star Alcor. These eight star plus the North Star makes nine stars. These nine stars represent the whole universe that brings practical power to our planet. In Japan, these nine stars are worshipped on the Emperor’s enthronement ceremony, Ōnie-no-matsuri, which explains how important these stars are.

The Goddess of Hakusan, Kukuri-hime-Ōkami is the one to “Kukuri- bring together” these nine stars. (Ku also means Nine. Kuri has a meaning to gather). The one to bring together the whole universe happens to be a Hime, a female. This signifies that this chaotic world can only be brought to peace when a female becomes the leader. Like Queen Himiko who governed the Taikoku of Japan in the ancient times.

In the Japanese mythology when the couple (to become parents of Amaterasu-Ohomikami) was fighting at the Yomo-Hirosaka, Goddess Kukuri-hime comes and say “Your future chidren is waiting.”(meaning there is no time for fighting).

All men with power and money, they all know that they will eventually die naked. When we think of the future for our children, deep inside, we all know what we must do NOW.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

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