Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sea Salt

A conversation between a mother and a manufacturer of sea salt

- My oldest son got sick and we went to several hospitals. But not only did the treatment not work, it made his condition worsen. Then one day, someone told me about changing the salt in his diet. Salt?  The idea surprised me. This person said that the salt sold today is mostly sodium chloride. Before the war, salt was made all over Japan from sea water. After the war, the Americans were trying to do a research about Japanese people’s outstanding ability in tolerance and solidarity. They concluded that one of the reasons could be in the sea salt. The Americans created a monopoly system in the sea salt making in Japan. And along with the Genbaku Otome (women who were victims of the atomic bomb), they brought back the high quality sea salt to their home country. They gave the Genbaku Otome the Japanese sea salt in their diet to research the relation between radiation and sea salt. And the result is that the victims of the atomic bomb who consumed sea salt in their diet did not show any aftereffect from the radiation.

    Radiation acidify the human body. But a good quality sea salt neutralizes the effect and releases the radiation out from your system. Human body is originally made to detox itself with sea salt but sodium chloride doesn’t have the right component to do so. Most of the salt sold in Japan today is rock salt. And it’s because rock salt can be manufactured cheaply than sea salt. But human body needs minerals such as zinc and magnesium. Good quality sea salt contains these minerals.  When salt became sodium chloride, children have started to become irritated, unstable, snappy and inpatient. They say reduce salt for your health. It could create adult-disease…  but this is about sodium chloride. We have suggested to people with Alzheimer, depression, atopic skin disease, gynecological disorder to change their diet to the old Japanese diet with vegetables and seafood. Change salt to sea salt and also put a pinch in your drinking water and tea. People who really listened to us and changed their diet and salt had been cured. We have witnessed it with our own eyes. When you take sea salt, even if you took too much it will be released from your body. If you have cancer, you should consult with your doctor and take as much sea salt in your water, tea and food until you have diarrhea (I believe diarrhea is a symptom caused by excessive zinc). When you have diarrhea it means your toxins has been released.

    Please do not take sea salt with Western medicine or treatment. 
It wouldn’t work together.  When you are sick, you need to strengthen your immune system. The sea salt has the power to strengthen your immune system. In order to make sea salt, they use the sea water during high tide and they use the water where the sea water and mountain clear limpid water crosses. They only use clear water when the sea is not rough. 20kgs of sea salt is made out of one ton of sea water. During the rainy season, it can only produce 15 kgs. I wish there will be more sea salt manufacturer like in the old days.

 my opinionBy reading this, other things I’ve heard came into my mind. 

(1) When the atomic bomb was dropped down to Nagasaki, St.Francis Hospital was right in that area. When the bomb was dropped, the head director of the hospital, Dr. Tatsuichiro Akitsuki just had an instinct.  He immediately told everyone in the hospital to keep licking salt. “Just keep licking sea salt. Drink salty miso soup with your meals and take soy sauce.” Dr. Akitsuki was researching about the acute radiation syndrome caused by X-ray examinations in those days. It gives fatigue symptoms and his intuition told him that the cure is to drink salt water a little thicker than PSS (physiological salt solution). Those who trusted him and kept licking salt and took salty meals did not suffer from the radiation aftereffect. In those days salt was always natural sea salt. Miso and soy sauce were also made by sea salt.

 (2) A German medical doctor, Dr. D.Siedendorf was helping to save the victims of the Chernobyl disaster. According to her report, there were an increasing number of infants suffering from diabetes. Some researcher talks about not having enough zinc in the body could be one of the reasons for this disease. My instinct tells me that when you are exposed to radiation, the zinc-ion and the radioactivity is bonded inside your body and discharges the zinc. And that is why the body has less zinc and creates diabetes. The human body needs metallic ion such as zinc and magnesium. And sea salt contains those minerals. Especially the Okinawan sea salt is high in these minerals. I feel that the salt they took at St.Francis Hospital was the salt from Kyushu to Okinawa with high zinc and magnesium.

(3) What is coming into my mind these days is the idea about derivatives of the components. If we took vitamins or minerals alone, I feel that it does not get absorbed into the system and simply be excreted. We need the derivatives to support the nutrition to be absorbed into the body system. So instead of taking health supplement, if we took sea salt it contains the main components such as zinc and magnesium and the other components would become the derivatives. So I think its best to take the nutrition from natural food and salt.

(4) Another concern I have these days is parasites that grow in the brain. When the humans immune system becomes weak, I am concerned that the parasites in the vegetables will start to invade and grow inside our body. Last year, there was a news in Europe about people getting food poisoning from cucumbers. Many people died. I enjoy eating raw vegetables. We all do. How could we prevent such incident? When I was thinking about it, an idea came into mind. It told me to search for the process of raw ham. I researched for raw ham process in Spain and Italy. It seems that they would dip the pork in salt for over a year. And through this process all the parasites dies. Parasites cannot live in a salty environment. So maybe the answer is to keep up the salt density in our body. Our entire body including the brain is filled with water that is close to sea water in terms of salt density. And that osmotic pressure is helping the cells to activate.  But if we don't have enough salt in our system maybe the parasites will start to win?  This is my opinion. It might have to do with the density of salt content within our cells …  

    According to one of the manufacturers of sea salt, the cause of high blood pressure has to do with sodium chloride. And sea salt with high amount of potassium will help discharge sodium chloride from one’s body.  The sea salt that contains potassium, zinc and magnesium would be ideal. Please note that this is entirely my hypothesis. Please make your own decision about your health.

    During the hot summer season, we will need extra salt. If you drink too much water and don’t have enough salt in your system, you might feel dull, sleepy and weak. For one way to measure, according to WHO the consumption of salt per day for adult should be 6g. This is not much.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live