Friday, October 7, 2011

The danger of group consciousness

   A documentary was shown on TV, tracking down how people behaved during the tsunami approach on March 11th. The result showed that many people were trapped into a same peculiar behavior.  In a psychology term, it is called majority synching bias or normalcy bias. This phenomenon is seen all over the world. In an emergency situation, many people are trapped into a so called “emergency spell” which makes them stop thinking. Bias, in a psychology term, means “mental tendency or inclination, especially an irrational preference or prejudice.”  In a natural disaster and/or emergency situations, many people have the tendency to go blank. In few seconds, the mind would wonder around what to do first and then it gets confused and stops, becomes blank.
  Looking at the results from March 11th, those who lived close to the shoreline knew that the tsunami might approach due to the large earthquake, but they didn’t think it was going to be that big. 
The data shows what people did at that time. 1. Didn’t feel that they need to run away from their home and starts to clean the mess from the earthquake. 2.Started to repair the furniture that was damaged by the earthquake. 3. Slowly started to make a move by following the same direction as others.  Everyone was just following others but no one really knew where to go. The mass reached the playground of a nearby elementary school. Many drove there and caused a traffic jam. Those who couldn’t get into the playground were waiting inside the car. Then one guy heard the news that the tsunami might be reaching over 10m high. So he immediately went to the middle of the playground and shouted to go either inside the school building or run to a higher hill.

     What did the mass do? 1.Those who were standing at the playground looked at each other and didn’t move. 2. Those inside the car stayed in the car. (they must have been listening to the radio but didn’t make any action because they are in a hypnotic state wanting to believe it’s not going to happen). 
3. One guy is shouting to escape, but they all looked at each other and decides to wait and see.  The guy who warned the others felt their eyes saying, “he’s over reacting,” “it’s going to be fine,” “he’s just trying to scare us.” He escaped the playground and survived, but those who stayed at the playground or stayed in the car were all washed away by the strong tsunami. 

Another survivor witnessed, once people start to see the tsunami coming towards them, they all rushed up the stairs causing a panic and people on top of one another creating an even more dangerous situation.

     The danger factor in this kind of emergency situation is the mass consciousness.
     I, as the writer of this blog, am experiencing a similar situation as this guy who shouted for warning. I get comments accusing me as an unpatriotic person who are creating unnecessary fear on others. I would like to say those are the hypocrites. At this time, the government is preparing for large earthquakes and tsunami and publicly announcing the details. If many of you try to look away from these facts, the mass consciousness will create a large number of victims.

      You must be consciously aware of your own sense and not to be hypnotized by the mass consciousness. Raise your senses to have good instinct and to make quick reaction. In order to sharpen your instinct, you can do the following things from today.

1.  Practice to be honest to yourself. Don’t look at other people’s face but analyze on your own about the news and current situation.

2. Do the daily gratitude sending toward your ancestors. This is about nurturing your DNA. I believe this is most important. The last moments has to do a lot with luck. And the luck comes from your ancestral spirits’ support.  The last minute instinct has a lot to do with the power/energy from your ancestors. By being consciously aware of them in your daily life can help you a great deal in an emergency situation.

     Continue to send the daily gratitude towards your ancestors and get on with your daily life with a positive attitude and a good smile on your face just like this shiba dog. This will bring you good luck. This is the best way for you to lead the right path.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live 

In October, every morning start with disaster awareness. This consciousness can help prevent from the disaster to happen.