Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spiritual pipeline

With my psychic vision, I could see that a spiritual pipeline or a cord starts from the two points in our body, the bottom of both sides of our shoulder blades. And it merges on top of our head. The line becomes one at the top of the head and extends up into the sky.

The spiritual cord that extends to other dimensions is a proof of the existence of our ancestors from past lives. This spiritual cord has lived from the beginning of human kind, constructing a pipeline that carries the genes of all of our ancestors. One of our ancestors may have been able to extend 10cm of this cord. Another may have done a greater job as a soul, enable to extend 1m.

The spiritual cord from the right and the left side of our body entwines on top of the head and grows toward other dimensions.

One who has cleared his/her ancestral pipeline, lived truthful to his/her innate god, and he/her soul matured to a full extent, he/she will grow wings on their back and a halo on top of their head. To be precise the halo is not just one ring but it is layers of many rings that look like a pipeline.

Depending on the person who can see the aura, it differs in the appearance. In the western world, those who have wings and a halo were considered to be angles or saints. In Buddhism, they express the light to be behind the body that extends over the head.

The cord that comes from the right side of one’s shoulder blade is the ancestral line of the family of one’s last name. The left side comes your Ubusuna-kami (= innate god). For women, when she marries and changes her last name, the spiritual cord will also shift. Her face, figure and character will change accordingly. When she is still attached to her maiden family and respects them more, she might not be able to resonate with the married family’s ancestral line which would often lead to a divorce.

If you have a daughter and truly wish for her happiness, you must let her concentrate on devoting her time in her duties with her new family. If you are divorced but still keeping your husband’s last name, you spiritual line is still the same. You must continue to keep respect and honor your husband’s ancestors.

When an evil spirit tries to possess you, they will try to cut off your right cord first. When the connection with your ancestral line is cut off, both physically and mentally, it is much easier to control.

In this World of Reality, the ancestral line is the strongest protection power source for an individual. When an evil spirit tries to possess an individual, it will first try to cut that cord of protection.

The so called famous “healers” who are making money from their special ability, their right cord has been destroyed. They have an invisible hole under their right shoulder blade. With this condition, they are no longer able to think of ancestral worship. They will even be in denial. From the hole, the evil spirit will come and go as it pleases. When this condition escalates, the evil spirit will start to eat up the left line as well. When the left line is completely cut off, one will die. The individual will come to an end of his/her physical life.

The right cord is connected to your right chest where your physical energy center (from a spiritual aspect) is placed. The left cord is connected to your left chest where the energy center of your soul is placed.

The ancestral worship with gratitude will clean your right line. The gratitude awareness for daily matters and to the gods will clean your left line. When both lines are cleared, one’s spiritual pipeline becomes big enabling to receive a lot of life force from the Root of the Universe. Life will become much easier and enjoyable.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

*please go to Dictionary - Ise Hakusan Do for more details on Ubusuna-kami. Also article July-29,2008.