Friday, June 19, 2009

We Can Save Our Planet

The Grand Purification from The Sun (wrote June 3rd,2009)

In the past, I wrote about the energy of the higher dimension transcribing to our World of Reality starting from June 2009.

As in relation to this matter, the sunspot has started to increase ( from June.

When the sunspot occurs, the electro-magnetic waves become stronger. Because of the decrease of the ozone layer, the amount of this electro-magnetic waves reaching to the ground of our planet becomes very strong. The other day, a beautiful rainbow color cloud was captured in Osaka. (see photo sent from our reader) This kind of phenomenon occurs when the electro-magnetic waves from the sun hits a cloud. When the sunspot continues to increase, we might even be able to witness an aurora in Japan.

The biggest problem is not the increase of the electro-magnetic waves that can be measured by today’s scientific technology. The biggest problem is the spiritual energy force that comes with the electro-magnetic waves. The last few days had been pretty strong. When you carry spiritual filth or dirt, it will be revealed. You might feel dull, headaches or dizziness. An unreasonable weak or poor physical condition starts to happen. And most of all, your heart may start to have a problem like what happened to the dinosaurs (use search engine for other pages on “dinosaur”).

In the past few days, I feel that many people have been feeling a difference in one’s heart. If you could check the data on patients at hospitals, I am sure you could find proof of it.

The electro-magnetic waves from the sun could also cause an earthquake. When the big earthquake hit China, the rainbow color cloud was also witnessed just before it happened.

I sense that when the electro-magnetic waves from the sun hits the underground water veins, a chemical reaction occurs to create a hydrogen explosion. The natural water veins are mobile so an explosion doesn’t occur. But where there is a huge dam, an artificial water tank that is connected to the underground water lines, this area might be a problem. The hydrogen explosion may create a diastrophism.

I would assume a military satellite could also create a strong enough electro-magnetic wave to cause this kind of natural disaster.

What we could do to protect ourselves from the spiritual energy waves from the sun are as followed:

1. Drink warm water as much as you can daily. (about 40℃) I drink about 2 to 5 L a day.

2. Take a small amount of natural salt daily with your meal.

3. Eat genmai (brown rice) and raw vegetable.

4. Send gratitude to your ancestors using three incenses. This will clear you filth and spiritual light can pass through without any pain and aches.

5. Maintain your own magnetic field to the original condition. (Don’t buy or pay anything to religious groups and healers.This will add filth to your original magnetic field .) It’s best to stand on you own.

This is the Ise-Hakusun-Do Way that I can suggest to you.

The power is in our human hands. We can make the natural disaster happen or not. It is up to us.

When 5% of the human population is awakened to the “sense of gratitude” towards the small daily matters, that energy will reach the Earth. And our planet will survive.

We all have small and large problems in our lives. It’s ok. Live through it. Our hearts are eternal.

We are only here to experience.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Monday, June 15, 2009

Don’t Be Amused by A Miraculous Act

There are many religious rituals, healing techniques, meditations and other esoteric works. These “non-daily unusual things” seem fascinating and one expects some kind of a miracle to happen. As expected, often when they start to practice these things, many of them experience a phenomenon they have never experienced before. And the experience becomes the proof that the practice is a real deal. But don’t be faulted by it!

Those “miraculous events” could be, in a way, discomforting or unusual. The sense of unusualness or discomfort is felt when it does not flow with your own innate god. Most of the religious rituals are actually nothing more than an “unusual experience”. The discomfort is felt because one is possessed by a spirit(s) other than yourself.

Once you experience the unusualness from the technique taught by a religious group, you are impressed and start to get into it. Most of the time, you cannot experience the same sensation that you had experienced the first time. So you think, you need to train and believe harder and go deeper and deeper into the ritual. When you continue to do so for decades, it seems like a never-ending journey. And the sense of relief and comfort never seems to come. By then, most likely, you have lost your family and other important things in your life.

The simple Ise-HakuSun-Do style of gratitude sending to ancestral spirits could be hard on those who have gone through many spiritual practices. It will release the filth from other spirits which could be a process that is physically unpleasant.

The simple “Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu” “Thank you for letting us (me) live,” has a kotodama (vibrational energy of words) that will move Amaterasu-Ohomikami and Kunitokotachi-Ookami’s divine power to help you purify to return to your own innate god.

During this process, burping may happen or all of the sudden an old fear may rise. An old friend or an relative that passed away may come into your mind. As you continue the gratitude sending, those things will start to go away. What ever comes up, simply let it come up and let it go. The more you do it, your whole ancestral line will start to clear up. And then the process will become peaceful and easy.

With the righteous god, you will not feel any discomfort or unusualness. You will not experience any miracles. The higher vibrations from a righteous god are exquisite and subtle. In the level of a human being, one will not notice any changes.

The showing off kind of energy such as a miracle healing is done by a spirit with a lower vibrational energy closer to humans. That is why you can recognize the change. Please do not misunderstand. It is NEVER a righteous god.

The true righteous god’s work is hidden in the small daily matters.

Spiritually, the most important thing to do is to be grateful and satisfied with the normal, daily and usual life. Even in the hardships, your innate god is always with you.

A big comfort and peace will come to those who have come to a realization to this idea.

To join a religious group is an act to shut down your innate god. The more you become active with a religious group, the lower your spiritual level declines. Mysterious incantations or techniques that can be bought with money will be a disadvantage for you. Don’t be amused by the effect.

Even though you are doing the Gratitude Sending to Ancestral Spirits at the same time, your progress will be slowed down.

When you die, you die alone.
You don’t die with a group.

The best way to live a life is to become aware of the god within. The harder your life is, when you have overcome the hardships, the growth of your soul is heightened.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live