Friday, June 22, 2012

My daydream - June 21st, 2012

    During my short nap, I went into an imaginary near future. It was shocking to see the whole world contaminated by serious radioactivity. Japan seemed to look the same as today. But America was suffering a great deal. They seemed to have done something to protect Japan from serious damage but couldn’t save themselves. Some serious natural disaster was seen in the US. A giant earthquake was predicted to happen in the south but instead it happened in the east side. The shape of the east shoreline looks very different from what we see today. Currently quiet Atlantic Ocean seemed to have had some huge tsunami. Few countries had lost very large number of populations. Did a nuclear war burst out? If that was the case, Japan wasn’t attacked because we didn’t carry any nuclear weapon. They probably thought we were too immature. They knew we had no task and no preparation to fight against it. Those countries that carries nuclear weapons are in hazard. If you carry them it means you will be fought. Abandonment of the nuclear weapons is the best way for self-defense.

     But looking at the worldwide radioactive contamination and all the suffering, it started to feel that it might be something else. Could it be a giant solar flare burst? And created power failure in all the worldwide nuclear power plants? This could lead to a worldwide contamination.  In the future, it is very possible that a large country would possess few hundred nuclear power plants all over their land. But Japan did not pursue to grow their numbers because we learned from the Fukushima accident. If we didn’t have the accident, Japan might have been completely exterminated.

     Because we had the accident, the system was improved and all kinds of new invention had come out. Food supplies and drinking water were equipped and we survived. In Japan, some geniuses came out with inventions. They won the novel prize. There really is no accident. Everything happens for a reason and nothing goes to waste.

    Japanese was recognized as the language that gives birth to geniuses. The vowel sound influence to the brain was scientifically proved to bring out special ability. 

    If you have children, the Japanese language education is crucial. Make sure they learn well during the ages of elementary school. It will become common amongst many of the scientists to speak Japanese fluently. 
In my dream, many remarkable Asian and white scientists were talking Japanese fluently. A brain needs some special kind of nurturing for inventions.

  The Japanese Imperial family still had an emperor and not an empress. Just looking at this, I think Japan will still be able to survive. Also in Japanese and some Jewish descents, strong resisting ability towards radiation is discovered in the DNA. And the model is studied and they discover an effective way to treat the people who were exposed to radiation…. All humans will be treated by this epoch-making invention. This was what I saw in my daydream today.

   Japan is now suffering from the radioactivity and the earthquakes. But this experience will lead to saving the world. God’s plan is always perfect and it is all meant to be.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live