Friday, October 5, 2012

October is a turning point for the Western world

 (written on Oct.1st)
    Looking at the moon cycle of October, the tide is changing every Monday (moon day). September and October is the account settlement time in Europe and North America. Therefore, at this time, the whole financial status will be exposed. I will be watching out the stock market that also starts on Mondays. Just looking at the situation in Europe, nothing seems to have improved.  They have been postponing many issues and now the problems are catching up and start to reveal. I am getting the feeling that Germany, the tractor of Europe, may start to protect its own countries’ finance. “Take responsibility of your own action” is how they would start to react. The characteristics of Germans are known to be most logical and rational. France is sinking half way in the Euro condition. After Spain, next may be France.  The US looks critical by the numbers. However, they are clever and already recognizing the world financial crisis for a while. As much as they look deeply in debt, they have been preparing natural resources, food supply and the military.

  In Asia, the problem between China and Japan is going to be exposed economically during the month of October.

    Regarding earthquakes, there was a M7.4 in Columbia early today (Oct 1st). Also in Japan, in the Tohoku area, small quakes are occurring continuously. We have to acknowledge that big earthquakes are occurring not only in Japan but also on the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean.   

    Here are the astronomical events of October:
  •   Oct 5. – Moon is furthest from Earth  (1,054,405,156km)
  •   Oct 17. – Moon is closest to Earth938,360,666km)
  •   Oct 19. – Moon is at most South point

     I sense we are already in the time zone that every day is a watch out day. At dangerous times, turtles would put his head and legs inside and hide in his shell. The Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu hid herself inside a rock when things were looking unstable outside. I believe we should do the same. It is wise for Japan to only focus on the domestic economy at this point. If we try to stretch our legs, it will get cut off.  Same concept will apply for the individuals. Stay calm and maintain you current condition. It’s better not to make any new moves. If you could stay relaxed and loose, you will swing well like the willow tree and survive. 

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live