Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Flying Tadpoles

From June 9th, comment from a reader:
There was a strange news on TV about tadpoles flying from the sky… what do you think of this?

Answer from Ise-Hakusun-Do-Ryman :

The professionals say it’s hard to think that the birds have anything to do with this. This was the first time anyone has seen this happen.

I deleted my comment to this reader’s question because the fact that this has to do with agrochemicals, I thought it might scare people and create anxiety.

I don’t know what the scientist would say but in my opinion the cause definitely comes from agrochemicals.

The tadpoles didn’t die from it, but the sensitive birds that tried to eat the contaminated creatures had thrown-up the tadpoles. That is what happened.

The rice and other vegetable fields are polluted by the agrochemicals. That's one of the reasons why I bought all my brown rice last year for the next 3 years. The agrochemicals are now 100% bought from foreign countries. They use much stronger chemicals than that of Japanese. The non-Japanese chemical may have been used for a while but the effect to the DNA, I sense it started from last year. The problem is that all the organically grown items are much expensive and many of us who are suffering from the recession will not be able to afford them.

So what is the solution?

My retainer god tells me to drink warm water. He tells me that as long as we drink lots of warm water, we will be fine. The point is that the water must be brought to a boil.

Use mineral water or filtered water and boil. Then let it cool down to apprx. 40℃.

I hope you find this information useful.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Monday, June 29, 2009

Gathering the White Stones

One of the most important event held during the sengu at The Grand Shrine of Ise is the Oshira-ishi-mochi-gyouji (お白石持行事).

The event is to bring the Oshira-ishi stones from the riverbed of Miyagawa of Ise city that is used to cover the sacred ground of the honden main shrine.

The stones hold the electro-magnetic energy of the gods. They are like a battery. So, it is a very important event that has a significant spiritual purpose.

The stones that are now at the sacred ground had been there for the last twenty years. I sense they are covered with spiritual filth and worn-out. Looking at these facts, I know that sengu is necessary in order to purify the whole place.

As mentioned in the past blog, in the ancient days, I sense that these “white stones” were brought all the way from Haku-san to Ise.

The area where Hakusan-chukyo-jinjya (白山中居神社) is located, has a another name, Itoshiro (石徹白). It can be translated as “gathering white stones”. I sense that they used to gather the white stones from Haku-san and transported to Ise passing through Itoshiro. They would check the location of the sun as they walk. This is the original archetype of Sun Worship.

The religious archetype of the ancient civilization existed on the top of Haku-san. The Three Stone Pillars stood there where God Spirits resided. It stood in a perfect triangle.

“Three Pillars” or “a triangle form” is a fundamental secret in all religions in the world.

I sense that the human race started from the area of Haku-san. Therefore, it is natural to think that the religious basis of all religion comes from this area.

When you look at the Three Pillars from the sky, it makes a perfect triangle. The Star of David, the symbol used in Judaism is made out of two of this triangle. Many temples or shrines in the world are secretly using three pillar methods in building the main part of its building.

In Japan, the torii gate at the Shinto shrines used to be made out of three poles in a triangular shape. There are still remains seen in different parts of Japan.

The woods used to build the new shrines for the sengu are cut off in a special manner. They call is Mitsuo-giri (三ツ尾伐り - photo of the ceremony: Three shrine carpenters put their axes from three different sections to make a triangular end. This is a trace from the three pillar tradition.

The sacred mountain Haku-san - there lays a secret of the original human races. Adam and Eve is the same spirit as Izanami and Izanagi.

All Haku-san Shrines worship Izanami and Izanagi as the main gods.

The couple may well have lived around the area of Itoshiro…

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live