Thursday, October 20, 2011

The changes in preference of food

    In China, half of the population of a small mountain village of Huáibĕi City, Anhui province has caught a rare disease.  168 residents of this village had claimed that suddenly they couldn’t eat four legged animals. They simply don’t feel like eating them. And when they force themselves to eat, they get symptoms such as heart pain, rashes, diarrhea or nausea.  Some claims that they cannot eat common meat such as beef, pork and ram. And others claim, they couldn’t even eat small four legs such rabbits and dogs. When they have the urge to eat meat, they eat chicken or fish and they have no problem eating those. Ram farming is one of the major operations in this village, but many people no longer consume it but rather put it out on the market. Some of the younger ones from the village go out to work in the city. Once they leave the village, that disease disappears after a certain time. But when they return home, the symptom comes back.  The China News reported that the government is trying to investigate the cause. 
Search News October 14th,(Fri) 17:10 reported by:Hayato Kisaragi

My comment
I’m not sure how accurate this information is, but the phenomenon is very close to the revelation I received in the past about the coming of the Days of Miroku.

What caught my attention is;
1. Pain in the heart. It was not a heartburn, rather a pain. It seems to me that it’s more of a soulful cry.

2. When living in the mountain surrounded by nature they couldn’t eat the four legs. But when they moved to the big city, it became all right. This is an interesting phenomenon. The government is currently checking on tap water pollution. But in my opinion, the energy of the city puts a lid on one’s soul. So you become less sensitive to the environment. In other words, to be in touch with the energy of the great nature will help you maintain your true heart (senses from the soul).
   The phenomenon that makes people feel all right about eating meat once they enter a big city, has a commonality with feeling all right to commit war or a crime.

      You don’t have to stop eating meat right away, but I think, if you pay attention, it will come to you naturally to what your body is in need and not. When I have an opportunity to dine out and the food is ordered together with a group, I will try to eat chicken rather than other types of meat. Talking about beef, there has been much news about food poisoning at Korean barbeque restaurants in Japan.  This is some kind of sign as well.

     There is a relationship between you and the food. It is important to sense what your body is urging. If you feel like you need to eat a certain type of meat, then your body is in need for it. And you should eat it. There are elders who lived very long and stayed healthy who had the urge to eat steaks once in a while.

    From now on, I feel that the necessary type or quality of protein is going to change. Another concern is that the large four legged animals are consuming an enormous amount of grass that grows on the ground. The signs of the body that is telling you to stop eating meat, is when you start to have loose stools or diarrhea.

    Sending daily gratitude to your ancestors (caring for your DNA) will also help you to sense the right food for yourself. Taking meals are a very important and sacred action to nurture you mind and body to become one. Listen to your body for what he/she is wanting.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

In October, every morning start with disaster awareness. This consciousness can help prevent from the disaster to happen.