Thursday, January 14, 2010

Countermeasure against Thunder

Billions of years ago, during the process of the creation of Earth, I sense that there was quite a long period of time when the surface was wreathen by thunder lights.

Just like the capillary vessels, the electricity from the thunder covered the entire planet. I sense that through this stimulation from the eletro-magnetic energy, the original genes that were still loose got tightened, merged and started to develop as creatures. It was a necessary process for the birth and evolution of lives.

I could see through my psychic vision that the Earth itself also developed and solidified the ground by experiencing the long period of thunder covering the entire planet.

At this century, the genes of creatures are starting to loosen once again. This is the main cause of people getting sick from diseases in the way we have never experienced before. At the same time, I sense the earth is loosening too and the continents are starting to move. The Earth itself is trying to self-restore.

My prediction is that we will be experiencing another period of thunder covering the Earth with the support of the electro-magnetic radiation from the Sun. From the past few years, I am sensing that the sound of the thunder is heard much lower than before. In the near future, we might be seeing thunder lights running through the surface of the earth. Scary…

So I am suggesting we should consider a countermeasure against thunder in our daily lives.
I hear it’s safe inside the car. The problem is inside the house.
I hope to share more knowledge about thunders on the blog later. If you have any useful information please let us know.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Transcription from the Mythology – 2

The people standing in front of the sword rock are related to Hakusan-Chukyo-Jinjya. You could see how huge the rock is comparing to the size of the people. For the locals, it was a place to go as a hiking trip from school.

Surprisingly, this giant rock is said to have disappeared in one night. People thought it might have fallen down the slope by an earthquake. But the remains weren’t found. It is still a mystery to the local people. When I heard about this story, it reminded me of an incident that took place on September, 1991 at Hakusan-Hime-Jinjya. Typhoon #19 hit the area. There was a very old big tree that was worshipped as a god on the left side of the main Honden shrine. And the tree fell onto the shrine and completely cut off the left side. When I heard this news, I strongly felt the fearful interference of the deities and immediately went to see it. This typhoon had destroyed Itsukushima-Jinjya in Hiroshima as well.

I sensed that it was a message from the World of the Gods, about the completion of the era turning over from Showa to Heisei. The disappearance of the Sword Rock and the Divine Tree at Hakusan-Hime-Jinjya did not happen just as a coincidence. The symbolic transcriptions that took form in the nature were no longer needed. The time for the humans to believe in their own Innate God has come. The Kami has shown us that we no longer need a symbolic image outside of us. That is my understanding on these incidents.

I sense that the sword rock actually fell down the slope. It was already quite old and breakable. I see with my physic vision that it completely broke into small pieces as it rumbled down the slope of Mt.Haku. Spiritually, they have gone to heaven.

The Will from the World of the Gods is actually transcribed around Mt.Haku. They come and go. It is surely a rare place on this planet that is so connected to the World of the Gods.

I have been claiming that Mt.Haku is the place of origin for the whole human race. The fact that the Sword, Ame-no-nuboko (天の沼矛) really existed here on Mt.Haku is very romantic and becomes a proof of my theory.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live