Thursday, June 23, 2011

Underground lakes and earthquakes

Data from the Meteorological Agency
1.   March 11 19:09  M3.6  Ishikawa-pref. 36.2°N/136.5 E
2.   May    20  19:36  M4.1 Toyama-pref. 36.4°N/136.8 E
3.   May    25  01:31  M2.9  Toyama-pref. 36.4°N/136.8 E
4.   June  09  13:22   M3.4  Toyama-pref. 36.4°N/136.8 E
5.   June  09  13:33   M2.8  Toyama-pref. 36.4°N/136.8 E
6.   June  13  13:53   M4.1  Ishikawa-pref. 36.4°N/136.7 E
7.   June  18  08:25   M3.6  Gifu-pref. 36.3°N/136.8 E


My thoughts from this data: Earthquakes has been happening frequently in similar latitudes and longitudes in the west side of Japan
. I am sensing that a movement is starting underground of Mt.Haku (Hakusan). When I bring focus on the underground of Mt.Haku, the first thing that comes into my mind is the movement of the water vein. Small to medium size earthquakes seems to have something to do with this deep underground water vein. And when it has to do with the water vein, the impact is one strong vertical shake. I sense, this type of impact suggests that 
water disappeared in one part which created a big cavern, a hole deep down where the earthquake occured.  In the Kanto area, the earthquakes occur from two plates crashing into each other. 
And in that case, the shake continues for few minutes sideways. Around Mt.Haku, the cause seems to be the water vein, so it only happens in an instant. Mt.Haku is a treasure trove of water. What is happening at Mt.Haku signifies that dry up of underground water is happening all over the world. 

I feel this is more serious than the plate type earthquake. I am sensing that the rise of underground temperature is escalating more than we could imagine. 
The heat is causing the underground water to boil and dry up.

     This spring in West-South of China, once in a hundred years type of huge drought occurred that caused a desertification that killed all plantation in a vast area. Equivalent to half of the population of Japan is in serious crisis. Many lakes had dried out. And this month, heavy rain has washed down this deserted area that killed many people. Also in Europe, droughts and floods are occurring by turns. The global warming is happening both above the sky and underground. The rise of temperature is causing the droughts.

     Japan has enormous amount of underground water that cannot be seen in other places of the world. And Shinto belief has a lot to do with worshipping the water.  
   This past few years, huge collapse of roads and residential area has been witnessed all over the world. This photo is one example in South America. The hole is few meters deep and it happened in the middle of the city. There is no history of digging in this area. I sense that this happened due to the dry up of underground water vein.

   We must send gratitude to water and Earth to save the underground water from drying up. 

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live