Monday, October 12, 2009

A Collection of My Photography

"Mt.Haku -The Home of the Gods" - 「神々の故郷、白山」

From few years ago, I have been sensing the nature withering away. It will escalate faster then one can imagine. Whether we can save the nature from dying or not, depends on how much appreciation we have for the nature. The shrine is a place where you could go and send gratitude to the gods of nature. When you come to a realization, your gratitude could save the nature. The energy of true gratitude would be felt by the fairies in the forests and help save the forest.

I have been taking pictures of the forest and the nature since I started to think of this. I used to visit Haku-san (Mt.Haku) area for work, so I had a lot of chance to catch the scenes of Haku-san. It’s often covered with clouds, but when you can see it covered in snow it is spectacular.

I've been wanting to take the whole mountain view. So I had visited many weekends. I felt I was guided. And found unusual spots where there are no artificial buildings in front. The clouds were gone when I was there.

I took many great pictures but the best one is the one with a strong blue aura of a god in front of the Haku-san mountain.

Haku-san is very hard to get to. And even if you go there it’s very rare to see the whole view. Usually, it is covered by clouds. It would be a pity for the readers not to be able to see this beautiful mountain.

Just when I was thinking about it, I happened to find a photo book of Ise Jingu at a book store. I looked at the publisher. It was Random House Kōdan-sha. This publisher had contacted me two years ago when my blog first became a book. There are many photo books of Ise Jingu but almost none on Haku-san, the origin of Shinto.

Through my blog, so many people have started to worship Haku-san, and I felt like I wanted to show them the image through my perspective. I have more than a thousand photos. But interestingly, the publisher picked up 108 photos to publish. The number 108 is said in Buddhism the number of earthly passions.

To each image, I wrote a comment through my inspiration in hopes that the viewer/reader of this book will feel enlightened.

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Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live