Thursday, December 8, 2011

We live together with the Ne-no-kuni

      Why do humans worry about what’s ahead on the road? Do they feel safe if they knew that the future is fixed? Do they think that they don’t need to struggle so hard if they knew what the future provides? Unfortunately, the future is a blank sheet of paper. There is only the trend and a course of action. Depending on how you decide and act, future is constantly changing.

      If a single woman is involved in an affair with a married man, it’s natural for her to miss the timing for a marriage. It’s not a destiny. It had to do with her own will and desire. If she hadn’t chosen to be involved with a married man, her future would have been different. Every action you take in the now moment is accumulated to build up the future. It all depends on what you decide NOW. And the future will start to change accordingly.

      A Japanese lottery called Lotto 6 started several years back. I experimented to see how my psychic vision could read the numbers. I didn’t actually pay for it, but just wrote the numbers that came into my mind. I did it for a while to see the trend. And I realized that the exact six digit numbers I wrote down had won few weeks later or sometime in the past. It proved me that the past, present and future is moving in parallel. The set of numbers are flying around from the past to the future and not always can it be set on a fixed date as one could imagine. In the world of Zen, they say that the only existing time is this moment.  

       When I look at the future of the people, I see many large wheels like you see on the Buddhist literature. Everyone has a wheel, some have larger wheels than others. The number of wheels differs too. The wheels are in gear with each other like the clock ticking and turning around to create one life. The size and speed of the wheel would change according to your will and efforts. How much you care for others. How much you care for your ancestors (DNA). These factors will also influence your wheels a great deal.  I’m trying to say that your destiny is all up to you. Your life span will change as well.  
     I strongly sense that the primary factors that determine your life are your effort and the care for your DNA (ancestors). 

     Look at one tree. The part that is visible, the part above the ground is your life. The part that is invisible, the root, is much longer than the actual tree. The root is the ancestral (DNA) part of you. The tree cannot live without the long roots. It is alive because of the roots. The root also provides the water (the essential energy that runs through the spiritual pipeline) for us to live. We are not living our lives alone. We are living together with our ancestral family.

      Our ancestors left us some traces. Some characteristics, desires.. and we inherited those qualities. There might be ancestors who had unpleasant desires. There might have been some children who died young and had the desire to live longer. Our souls are all connected to these roots and as long as you are alive, these remains of their desires influence you.

      By acting on the gratitude sending way of ancestral worship, you will start to connect to the root of the root passing your ancestral spirits. The root of the root is the sacred place where you meet your own innate god. Once you bond with your own innate god, your future will change greatly to a better one. So I suggest not to believe in fixed destiny, but to believe in ancestral worship by sending gratitude daily.

Ikashite-itadaite arigato-gozaimasu
Thank you for letting us live

*Ne-no-kuni: the land of the deceased, the land of the root.  

I would like to spread the Gratitude Awareness towards ancestral spirits and everything around us so 5% of the world population will start acting on it on a daily basis.