Saturday, October 29, 2011

It’s all up to you

     Once you are born, you will certainly die one day. We are always walking in between birth and death. It’s really unnecessary to be in distress. When you die, it’s all going to dissipate. So why waste time in troubling yourself? We might as well enjoy every aspect of life.

      Life is full of unpleasant matters, sorrow and anguish. That is true. But even these things will eventually change and come to an end. If you could just laugh it off, you are a strong person who has won over your own karma. You will become an enlightened being.  You can’t just pretend to look good in front of others. Even in your alone time, if you are able to be in gratitude and feel blessed, then you are a winner.

     Come to a realization that everything is merely an experience. Then your life will glow. You will grow and evolve as a human being, when you are able to see everything from the point of “thank you for letting us live.” Your path will turn around to a better direction. There is a Japanese saying, “a dog only has to walk around and it is sure to come across a stick.”   You’ll only come across lucky findings when you realize that there are no mistakes.

     It’s also true that this way of looking at life would actually solve problems faster.

     Going to a hospital for an annual check-up always makes me feel humble. I see all kinds of drama, life while I wait for my turn. Imagine your doctor had told you that you would only live for another month. All the things you did in the past will probably flash in your head. And start to be grateful for many things. You would probably remember about someone who you need to apologize to. 

      Don’t stay in agony for too long. Don’t blame yourself too much. Don’t say bad words. If you had decided to only say positive words aloud, your luck will change. If you seriously act on this, it will be enhanced on your karma for sure.  When you put your thoughts into words and say aloud, it’s like you have pushed the discharge button of a missile. You might have bad thoughts toward some person, but when you actually say it aloud or write about it, you have pushed the button. If the opponent didn’t accept the energy, it will come back to you right away and turn into a self-destructive bomb. If it had reached the opponent and hurt him, the karma will come back to you sometime later. This is one law of the universe.

     So the best way is to simply continue to say, “ikashite-itadaite arigatō-gozaimasu, thank you for letting us live.”  There will be no mistake in saying this not only in this lifetime but becomes an eternal passport.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu

Thank you for letting us live